10,000 Damage From ONE Item (1 SHROOM 1 KILL) - BunnyFuFuu | League of Legends

27.11.2020 г.
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    BunnyFuFuuBunnyFuFuuпреди месец
    • RELL

      Semmen Sass SillaotsSemmen Sass Sillaotsпреди 25 дни
    • RIVENNNN hahaha

      Jehmemiii SalvadorJehmemiii Salvadorпреди месец
    • Shen

      ZeroZeroпреди месец
    • Sett? Need a good guide for the new items with sett can you help?

      sumoner jackyrobinson1sumoner jackyrobinson1преди месец
    • What do you think about Talon? XD

      Felix BrunnerFelix Brunnerпреди месец
  • 15:56 666 AP

    Hiển PhạmHiển Phạmпреди 2 дни
  • wtf the endorsement lmao

    Yu-Jie WuYu-Jie Wuпреди 3 дни
  • Ok

    Definitely not VinceDefinitely not Vinceпреди 3 дни
  • And now add dark harvest😂

    RolandRolandпреди 9 дни
  • Hmmm ball CLEANING ADS

    Bj ayBj ayпреди 15 дни
  • ahahahaha omg ahahahahha bunny fufu the ballls sponsor xD

    lakhder ahmedlakhder ahmedпреди 29 дни
  • Others advertising manscape but you're selling me on it.

    TboneTboneпреди месец
  • 15:55 devil's number

  • i hit the like just because of that sponsor no joke

    Ανδριανός & CO.Ανδριανός & CO.преди месец
  • Y

    Fighter LmFighter Lmпреди месец
  • hahahha everytime you say balls i laugh hahahhha

    Jay MuñozJay Muñozпреди месец
  • bro ur heads to big we can still see you XD

    Quentin Yosef BumanglagQuentin Yosef Bumanglagпреди месец
  • More poisonous than singed ever will be, killed everyone with mines

    ZeroZeroпреди месец
  • How much damage did you do in this game?

    lior alalouflior alaloufпреди месец
  • tf what is that intro bunny? lmao xD

    Xed YTXed YTпреди месец
  • What rank is this does no one own a scanner

    Wizpixel15Wizpixel15преди месец
  • Bunzz has 3 balls

    GiruveganGiruveganпреди месец
  • balls

    Christan AmbayChristan Ambayпреди месец
  • Teemo with comet uaaah

    IZIZпреди месец
  • Sponsor : BALLS XD

    Souhaib Ait LahcineSouhaib Ait Lahcineпреди месец
  • 15:53 Thats y he’s dangerous bcs he has 666 AP

    Gucci Gustavo.Gucci Gustavo.преди месец
  • I love this editor

    Aleta RobinsonAleta Robinsonпреди месец

    caquito lolcaquito lolпреди месец
  • Song at 3:00 ??

    Mika conceiMika conceiпреди месец
  • *Bunzz* yow use season 11 dusk blade

    BaconGod PlaysBaconGod Playsпреди месец
  • were is the teemo skin at man ;(

    HoneyBadger PowerHoneyBadger Powerпреди месец

    Eu sou o CamposEu sou o Camposпреди месец
  • omg thank you ss much bunz ima gonna go infernal Hell teemo on everyone now

    JotolinkJotolinkпреди месец
  • Buns pretending his primary demographic actually shaves

    ButchersBladeButchersBladeпреди месец
  • me: *is watching bunny fufuu* video: hey let’s give this guy an ad with bunny in it me: w o w

    bickwithnick123bickwithnick123преди месец
  • LMAO BEST SPONSOR EVER!!!! imma buy the package for my pp 👍👍

    Georg KhoshabaGeorg Khoshabaпреди месец
  • hahahahaa

    Mellow 01Mellow 01преди месец
  • Bunzzz Notice me Please im watching your video evertime I always do what are you doing in League of Legends but my laptop is old and i can't play smooth like you cause my laptop is not that good for playing league of Legends, Notice me please Im a fan of you:)

    JhonCyron MagparangalanJhonCyron Magparangalanпреди месец
  • wrf nic sponsor XD

    JanJanпреди месец
  • Baaaallllss

    Egg NogEgg Nogпреди месец
  • holy damge

    Master JarvisMaster Jarvisпреди месец
  • You had me sold at "balls"

    M3RNZ1DM3RNZ1Dпреди месец
  • The sponsor, I'm weak

    MusterrrAdeptiMusterrrAdeptiпреди месец
  • Id love to see your take on corki

    superturtle806superturtle806преди месец
  • Can you do Thresh Season 11 please.. ?

    Abdulmajeed AlwesaibieAbdulmajeed Alwesaibieпреди месец
  • Sickest ad ever. Raid try to beat this.

    Sadness & sorrowSadness & sorrowпреди месец
  • 0-2 5 mins later 6-3

    RansuRansuпреди месец
  • Hey bunzz listen can you answer so i see is this correct, when im full build with AP champion,i sell my sorcerrers boots and buy void staff, i think it is better to have more magic penetration and AP than for speed.

    Ognjen StojanovićOgnjen Stojanovićпреди месец
  • Try doing a maokai video where you try to oneshot someone with one e/see how much damage you can do with a single e

    Zack HarrisonZack Harrisonпреди месец
  • my balls thank you

    Андрей ИльченкоАндрей Ильченкопреди месец
  • How to kill Elise 1. Put a Mushroom

    Drań FryteqDrań Fryteqпреди месец
  • Yo Bunz, You got The Best Sponsor ever huh.

    黒騎士Channel黒騎士Channelпреди месец
  • balls

    ÐragoşÐragoşпреди месец
  • the sponsor was lit aghahaha

    Zakaria ZinaneZakaria Zinaneпреди месец
  • I want and I need that manscapped

    grantygrantyпреди месец
  • 15:54 666 AP, Teemo is Satan confirmed

    TetroxideTetroxideпреди месец
  • What 10k? What item?

    Khalil KraiemKhalil Kraiemпреди месец
  • The best sponsor ever🤣🤣

    PinkClone 3PinkClone 3преди месец
  • That AD lmao

    LekminorinoLekminorinoпреди месец
  • Tutorial for that sponsor bunzzzz

    Joshua ManansalaJoshua Manansalaпреди месец
  • hard pills to swallow : bunny saying teemo instead of teeto

    chaimaazaza LBPchaimaazaza LBPпреди месец
  • rly

    No LifeNo Lifeпреди месец
  • He keeps a straight face when sponsoring while i keep laughing

    RavnnRavnnпреди месец
  • I order that rarer like two weeks ago before u said it and its great but I never knew what the tone is for I thought it was to give your balls color dude

    Emilio SantosEmilio Santosпреди месец
  • thats the best ad u did

    fahed shadiddfahed shadiddпреди месец
  • some can tell me how can i know the runnes ?

    André MaFzAndré MaFzпреди месец
  • i hate this champion riot pls delete teemo from the game :D

    Dimitris molybDimitris molybпреди месец
  • omg that try hard on advretizing like this razzor chaseing me i seen it on YT i seen it on fb i seen it on ista where els not Just wanted to watch some bunny fufu wtf is this now

    Daniel AgasiDaniel Agasiпреди месец
  • The sponsor Im not skipping for the first time

    ViciousViciousпреди месец
  • What if i use code bunny 50 50 % off ??

    akram laabassiakram laabassiпреди месец
  • Bunz, you should do an A-Z one handed series

    Iain LeadbeaterIain Leadbeaterпреди месец

    JC GamingJC Gamingпреди месец
  • Maaaaan plz, tell me how much they give you to say that sheet. Maaaaaan 1,76 Mln follows you. Maaaaan don't humiliate yourself like this maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan plz. y'ar an hero, not a whore !1!!

    Omar AdimOmar Adimпреди месец
  • 8:22 1488 hp

    Аа АаАа Аапреди месец

    liron davidoffliron davidoffпреди месец
  • I wonder what would the Collector + burn Teemo would looks like...

    shady95shady95преди месец
  • you can deal more with dark harvest

    BraixyBraixyпреди месец
  • the manscapped only ships to USA :(

    Samuel LimaSamuel Limaпреди месец
  • Your sponsor makes my day

    Maurwin Roi GuevarraMaurwin Roi Guevarraпреди месец
  • Look at the ap at minute 15:54

    Ivan GomezIvan Gomezпреди месец
  • sir bunny, I hope you can help me🙏, my face will be thick, I also wish I could be like you one day just in case I don't have the equipment to stream and I hope you can help me with my problem🙏, I hope this is it Please be a Christmas gift🎁, I hope you can read my message to you and I hope I will see you one day thanks sir bunny💓 I hope you message me🎄 Live in Philippines

    Rojean GonzalesRojean Gonzalesпреди месец

    Engin KuvrağEngin Kuvrağпреди месец
  • Dark Harvest Teemo Please bunzzz💖

    Johnpatrick GaleonJohnpatrick Galeonпреди месец
  • What do you mean by "balls"? I'm a Teemo main, I have 2 *'shrooms*.

    Gal GrünfeldGal Grünfeldпреди месец
  • hey bunnzzzz use the shave to merchguy LOOOL

    Revin BeltranRevin Beltranпреди месец
  • this is soo funny

    hussein ramadanhussein ramadanпреди месец
  • Whos better bunz or tyler 1

    Karam KayalKaram Kayalпреди месец
  • If i have not heared “balls” 10 times, then idk

    Martin GajdošíkMartin Gajdošíkпреди месец
  • i never thought id see this kind of ad from bunny. 2020 doesnt stop amazing me

    Karen KalantariKaren Kalantariпреди месец
  • Balls fresh air

    Alexandru MaximAlexandru Maximпреди месец
  • thats balltastic

    xxxlpxxxpoloxxxlpxxxpoloпреди месец
  • Yo bunzz big fan here can you try kennen?

    grabi noobgrabi noobпреди месец
  • BALLS !!!

    Eren YeagerEren Yeagerпреди месец
  • Play with me in Lan is a shit 😍🤙🏻

    Jean ArayaJean Arayaпреди месец
  • Do a game with the boys where you all are poison champions (Teemo, Twitch, Singed, Cassiopia, Darius/Brand), i know the last two isnt poison but there are no more poison champs left, so pick one

    Mario PacadiMario Pacadiпреди месец
  • xDDDD I pessed like just when i saw that sponsor.xDD Cant stop laughing!!..

    Gėørgę ÂñGėørgę Âñпреди месец
  • 8:55 Yes! Go get him! Kill Teemo! ^^

    Björn SnellmanBjörn Snellmanпреди месец
  • Hey bunzzz what about you make a poison teamcomp teemo,twitch,singed, cassiopeia and darius. Yeah except for darius he's not poison just blood🤣. And that will be so sick

    Muhammad DanialMuhammad Danialпреди месец
  • Theu dont ship to Saudi Arabia 😩

    TrokoveTrokoveпреди месец
  • Can we just appreciate riot for balancing everything like fuck it

    Game 4 LifeGame 4 Lifeпреди месец
  • 3:13 lol that Elise bug got her disable for a few days. Bad luck elise. Bad luck

    Thai Duong TruongThai Duong Truongпреди месец
  • Your Balls will be Safe 😂😂😂

    Salta Kai GamisouSalta Kai Gamisouпреди месец
  • Holy Balls

    Fahrettin DönmezFahrettin Dönmezпреди месец
  • 1:10 was not expecting that excitement lol for an ad.

    Nathan SizemoreNathan Sizemoreпреди месец