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7.12.2020 г.
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AP 0:00:00
Best 00:26:27
Tank 00:48:03
Crit 01:21:22
Lifesteal 01:51:26
Bruiser 02:20:22
Assassin 02:47:42
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  • AP 0:00:00 Best 00:26:27 Tank 00:48:03 Crit 01:21:22 Lifesteal 01:51:26 Bruiser 02:20:22 Assassin 02:47:42

    BunnyFuFuuBunnyFuFuuпреди месец
    • Thanks bunzzzzz🐰🐇

      Carlo CanezalCarlo Canezalпреди месец
    • tnx

      sebastien lepagesebastien lepageпреди месец
  • Aquaphor ☹️

    Matthew MarinMatthew Marinпреди 22 дни
  • Aquaphor m8

    Mitchel ReinthalerMitchel Reinthalerпреди 26 дни
  • "It dont matter" BunnyFuFuu 2k20

    Marios DomnidisMarios Domnidisпреди месец
  • what about movement speed build

    MakowekMakowekпреди месец
  • I haven't seen Rell and Kalista yet It seems pretty epic

    FigwahmFigwahmпреди месец
  • Anyone ever wonder why he doesnt do a video each then see how many adds there r and relise bunns is a fuckin genius

    Mr.TopHatMr.TopHatпреди месец
  • back again

    RoaRoaпреди месец
  • Luky whit the pre-made and teammates if you go random you are tosted 🤣

    SheliexSheliexпреди месец
  • that tank build is sick...

    Lawrence BarneyLawrence Barneyпреди месец
  • show runes for all of them including secondary runes please do it helps.

    D3VILLORD 03D3VILLORD 03преди месец
  • Runes? i need to know

    Shady BryanShady Bryanпреди месец
  • Wtf 250 ms without her horse ?

    mom, com pick me up, i'm scaredmom, com pick me up, i'm scaredпреди месец
  • I want to see more sweaty Buzzzz ranked games. that would be sick

    Isaac HowlandIsaac Howlandпреди месец
  • Aquaphor :)

    LiamLiamпреди месец
  • Yo I'm so sad 😭 we had way more views before what happened to pure bunzz

    MaMenn bitchMaMenn bitchпреди месец
    • What happened?

      Gley SamaGley Samaпреди 27 дни
  • Aquaphor dude, i watched it all man:)))

    Gabriel ZavateGabriel Zavateпреди месец
  • I have a dare for you bunz, play marksman katarina. God luck :)))

    Gabriel ZavateGabriel Zavateпреди месец
  • Aquaphor

    Quinn SevenQuinn Sevenпреди месец
  • how to use rell

    shawn siarezshawn siarezпреди месец
  • Aqua 4

    mighty dunnemighty dunneпреди месец
  • whenever i watch this champ i get bored : (

    Annette DelimaAnnette Delimaпреди месец
  • Aquaphor :3

    John HamseJohn Hamseпреди месец
  • I love you bunz❤

    Arman ImaniArman Imaniпреди месец
  • Aquafour

    John AJohn Aпреди месец
  • Hi uhuhu

    Serafim TucovicSerafim Tucovicпреди месец
  • I remembered watching you from 3 years ago and now i'm back😄

    LRCGamingLRCGamingпреди месец
  • miss fortune + gale force + ap 💯🔥

    marilyn mansionmarilyn mansionпреди месец
  • Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane! Santa needs to hook up Nasus with a new PC / internet connection

    Benjammin169Benjammin169преди месец
  • Did he said it don't matter That's bad English

    LuisSucksAtFortniteLuisSucksAtFortniteпреди месец
  • Bunzzz! Please go try Urgot W max with Hydra and Runaans 😂😂. Troll build but it works 😅

    Renz Jan MacalandaRenz Jan Macalandaпреди месец
  • aqua four

    insxmniainsxmniaпреди месец
  • is this a new champ? wtf riot you gotta rest

    Devaku kunDevaku kunпреди месец
  • Aquaphor, my guy.

    FlankerNumber7FlankerNumber7преди месец
  • Lied, how you can buy 2 mythic item build support???

    Kelvin Duy PhạmKelvin Duy Phạmпреди месец
  • oh yes another movie :D ty bunz

    Caleb CarsonCaleb Carsonпреди месец

    Victor DigiuseppiVictor Digiuseppiпреди месец
  • You love Riot right?! Try Wild Rift if ur a god in PC... (Luv from Philippines)

    rek rekrek rekпреди месец
  • hey bunny , I just watched your 7 April 2020 video " the story of how I got max souls on thresh " I left a shocking comment for you there , because the video is for 8 months ago I leave a comment here for you to go check that , it's horrifying frightfully dreadful , like thresh himself ...

    Arash Shafi'eArash Shafi'eпреди месец
    • What was it

      BunnyFuFuuBunnyFuFuuпреди месец
  • love watching your movies. watch them almost every night since i can’t sleep without noise. first time commenting on one of these, but if i win the “investment” send it to toys for tots next year!!

    5ive5iveпреди месец
    • Lol. Me too. I watch fiddle movie every night to help me sleep too lmao

      Suhayl Azmin SuhairiSuhayl Azmin Suhairiпреди месец
    • Love this

      BunnyFuFuuBunnyFuFuuпреди месец
  • Aqua4

    James UpchurchJames Upchurchпреди месец

    magik nekomagik nekoпреди месец
  • Rell looks like Paradot from Steven universe

    Jaden FrancisJaden Francisпреди месец
  • Try the fast jhin

    JөкєѕтєяJөкєѕтєяпреди месец
  • BS Thumbnail. Turbo Chemtank and LOTIS together.

    Zachi DelumpaZachi Delumpaпреди месец
  • Absolutely!!! Rell is Flawless.

    Jesus GerdezJesus Gerdezпреди месец
  • Not yet done watching but I commented already, hope to get a heart from Bunzzzz is the best feeling ever! ❤️

    Hanzel AgunodHanzel Agunodпреди месец
  • ❤❤❤👏👏👏

    Mustafa KüçükMustafa Küçükпреди месец

    alonso Cordova Jimènezalonso Cordova Jimènezпреди месец
  • Bago nnmn hero sa lol

  • Dedication

    Zed MainAccountZed MainAccountпреди месец
  • Bunz is the only reason I still play league...

    BLACKWORM15BLACKWORM15преди месец
  • Every time I see "THE MOVIE" I get so excited 😂 time to binge watch

    KassidyKassidyпреди месец
  • I'm ready to play rell top lane after seeing this

    J SJ Sпреди месец
  • we don’t care about rell it just boring to watch...not hate to you bunzz just to this boring pick

    antonis koutantonis koutпреди месец
  • 9

    Stefan ĆeranićStefan Ćeranićпреди месец
  • Hello bunnyfufu beke nemen😂😂😂

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  • Some ppl call you fkn trollin @Egypt but i say you’re such a creator 👌🏻💯♥️

    Hussien GazaraHussien Gazaraпреди месец
  • First comment

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    • nope

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  • heyyy first like !!! XD

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