I RAGEQUIT After Someone Stole My Pentakill (NEW RELL GAMEPLAY) - BunnyFuFuu | League Of Legends

23.11.2020 г.
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    BunnyFuFuuBunnyFuFuuпреди месец
    • what if you did: proto belt> flash> jump> stun> barrier] ?

      Gurth-QuakeGurth-Quakeпреди 14 дни
    • bunz do taric and rell in bottom lane

      Luffy MonkeyLuffy Monkeyпреди месец
    • Stacking on armor reminds me of Timbersaw and her E reminds me of Io's Tether which stuns enemy champ when they pass through the link

      Minotaur .357Minotaur .357преди месец

      ITP Sadz1NITP Sadz1Nпреди месец
    • feels weak to me

      TacemikoTacemikoпреди месец
  • E stuns all around you not just the line between.

    Andy SerranoAndy Serranoпреди 4 дни
  • If they're touching you, your e can still stun even if they're not between you.

    Gurth-QuakeGurth-Quakeпреди 14 дни
  • "Not that long" thats what she said. ohhhhhhh

    marshallmeepsmarshallmeepsпреди 28 дни
  • What about tristana

    Caleb RolfeCaleb Rolfeпреди месец
  • Your fault you missed your q dumb ....

    Asian Little jimmyAsian Little jimmyпреди месец
  • 20:06 is the steal

    Justin ShenJustin Shenпреди месец
  • striking 💚

    Mia RenataMia Renataпреди месец
  • Rell age sus

    Martim BritesMartim Britesпреди месец

    RB KIMRB KIMпреди месец
  • Serpent's Fang is her item

    Kiandro ScavellaKiandro Scavellaпреди месец
  • Why wont the giveaway let me sinc my twitch account? Someone help plz.

    Tim RobertsTim Robertsпреди месец
  • after dismounting she walks as though she has shit herself

    PogCraftOfficialPogCraftOfficialпреди месец
  • Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.

    Lam KinLam Kinпреди месец
  • Reminds me of old galio taunt ulti

    Dilly DDilly Dпреди месец
  • Hmm u are The Best BGworld And Streamer keep it up !

    Mr. MiRouMr. MiRouпреди месец
  • Ughhh she's walking so slowly

    Sandy Yu-Hsin HsiaoSandy Yu-Hsin Hsiaoпреди месец
  • 20:05 DAISY WHYYY

    Donna Raziel LopezDonna Raziel Lopezпреди месец
  • She's so slow, I had to speed up the video hahaha

    Donna Raziel LopezDonna Raziel Lopezпреди месец
  • Is this a Female Galio? Thumbs up who remembers Galio's ult before the rework.

    ZantoZantoпреди месец
  • The items plzz bunny

    kooshba TEAMkooshba TEAMпреди месец

    moody saludsongmoody saludsongпреди месец
  • i will buy it

    X drrotsX drrotsпреди месец
  • Is that new Leona skin? Oh it's been a long time i quit on this game? But, i now, oh yes! I can play it on my phone.

    Screen ShooterScreen Shooterпреди месец
  • 17:02 talk about a childhood throwback!!!

    Nathan SizemoreNathan Sizemoreпреди месец
  • lol bunnyfufu's hair hahaha

    Saint ReaperSaint Reaperпреди месец
  • who watches bunny fufu lives on facebook

    Saint ReaperSaint Reaperпреди месец
  • Her ult is aoe scarner

    XxAizxXXxAizxXпреди месец
  • I can't believe that you didn't combo your ult with Samria and don't forget to combo with ori

    Guru SharanGuru Sharanпреди месец

    Pablo HughesPablo Hughesпреди месец
  • Sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett sett max Go Teech

    Tuan TranTuan Tranпреди месец
  • This is the most clickbait title ever bunz just say you’re playing with the new champ lol

    Bridger HatchBridger Hatchпреди месец
  • Barrier Support Champs with Locket of Solari + Ardent Censer + Staff of flowing water is countered by a Q of a new Champ. LOL

    Fading2ZeroFading2Zeroпреди месец
  • My Dadd is on a killing spree! xdd

  • 5:45 "This is the first ability of this kind" Skarner: am i a joke to you?

    StormGamesTr LoLStormGamesTr LoLпреди месец
  • Fenrir in smite

    Trystan BissonnetteTrystan Bissonnetteпреди месец
  • try Rell ult + thresh lantern?

    YiLin WangYiLin Wangпреди месец
  • why's everyone playing Rell as anything BUT her initial position (support)????

    marvel tambunanmarvel tambunanпреди месец
  • Great character, fits in game, fits in role, not like this shitty seraphine. But I dont like playing on bot or on sup ;(

    rzeźnik harrańskirzeźnik harrańskiпреди месец
  • Deadly combo, she riding Hecarim

    KoldrKoldrпреди месец
  • kled 2.0 be like:

    Jambalaya WowJambalaya Wowпреди месец
  • 13:17 Bunny activates visionplant Visionplant Shows a ward and made that vision is here Symbol and noise Bunny Sees the symbol MINBLOWED Bunny ,,Omg who ever just pinged that ward is a mad Genius" Chat *missing note who pinged Me Omg. He talks about a mad Genius. And isn't realizing he is one himself Bunny Continues the trashtalk which is the reason why we all love his vids ;)

    Lennart köhneLennart köhneпреди месец
  • Bunny try that champ but you're with yasuo bot

    Robert GabrielRobert Gabrielпреди месец
  • I lovie the hores thats hit aahah

    ישראל עטיהישראל עטיהпреди месец
  • Does the shield break on W1 also apply to Morgana black shield?

    Matthew JamesMatthew Jamesпреди месец
  • Fury ≠ Furry

    Ryan PrinceRyan Princeпреди месец
  • magnetic furry 0.0

    Aaronra30Aaronra30преди месец
  • This champion and Oriana

    ououпреди месец
  • this new champion is a nightmare for tahm kench .. lol

    Zealous EinzbernZealous Einzbernпреди месец
  • So the ult is just like oriana's when her ball is on herself.

    Car BumbCar Bumbпреди месец
  • "My Dadd is on a killing spree"

    Gaming AapeGaming Aapeпреди месец
  • nice hair bunnzz

    jhacen dailisanjhacen dailisanпреди месец

  • Hello can you please give my cousin a phone for online class his phone is cracked just android phone its alright

    Kean AlinsodKean Alinsodпреди месец
  • “This ult is first of its kind” Diana:

    Jaime MirandaJaime Mirandaпреди месец
  • Its looks like nice jungler cose of new crab shield, and its can be good counter pick against morde or other shielding toplaners, and it will be good vs new tank item that gives u a lot of shield so...this is nice ap carry and nice sup but its good top and broken jg, actually I think its sad, it has to be a support not jg insta ban ):

    Někdo KohoNeznášNěkdo KohoNeznášпреди месец
  • Rell looks 10 years old from 2010 or so

    LimboLimboпреди месец
  • daisy stole your penta lo

    Goh KennyGoh Kennyпреди месец
  • lol Her ult is like Diana’s, but in slow motion

    Jean PaulJean Paulпреди месец
  • play with me guys rikibro

    Ricardo FeitoriaRicardo Feitoriaпреди месец
  • 0:34 That’s what she said.

    Tarek TahaTarek Tahaпреди месец
  • Hey bunzz when does the giveaway end?

    ThePanOpsThePanOpsпреди месец
  • 16:57 ..uh Diana...

    Hunter VookHunter Vookпреди месец
  • Bunz I don't want the $5k I just want.... I just want $2.14 :(

    big edbig edпреди месец
  • New champ + Kalista +braum + ori+ivern team combo

    Hera AkashiHera Akashiпреди месец
  • Rells ult is like zaryas graviton surge (overwatch)

    Kalio ArgaKalio Argaпреди месец
  • Stop clickbait

    Fehérvári DominikFehérvári Dominikпреди месец
  • hey. just so you know your e works in the circle around the champions so u dont have to be behind them for it to work :) (please like so he can se)

    ́ZpliXX Twitch́ZpliXX Twitchпреди месец
  • he says a new ultimate because no one plays scarner im supposing

    Mr.TopHatMr.TopHatпреди месец
  • Fun Fact: Rell's R is Skarner's R with Steroids.

    Omi-Kuro ShiriOmi-Kuro Shiriпреди месец
  • Oh man,u play look very stupid

    Huỳnh Húc PhongHuỳnh Húc Phongпреди месец
  • old galio ulti

    ibrahim chroubiibrahim chroubiпреди месец

    Jurze AssJurze Assпреди месец
  • rell ult is like form mlbb tigreal ult

    dark wingsdark wingsпреди месец
  • Would work well with singed maybe. Because you could pull eeveryone into the gas and he can grount them

    Q cumberQ cumberпреди месец
  • bunny dont talk crap her w is not hecarim e and btw why u slow u w is a slow so thats why u slow

    Mike SchuchhardMike Schuchhardпреди месец
  • Rumble, Reel, Galio, Malphite and Kalista

    SavocaSavocaпреди месец
  • hey bunnz it would be really nice if you would talk about scaling too if it comes to ability rundowns :-)

    SazzOwl _GamingSazzOwl _Gamingпреди месец
  • Magnetic Furry, hell yes.

    Bill GrahnBill Grahnпреди месец
  • Imagine Rell on Mecha Project Highnoon Elderwood Darkstar Infernal Goddess Battlecast/Resistance Pulsefire And other skinline.. Or possibly a Lancer skin

    Arci Carry onArci Carry onпреди месец
  • sejuani,rell,nunu,kled,rumble MOUNTED CHAMP COMP!? hahah it will be hilarious 😆

    wafeeq nabhanwafeeq nabhanпреди месец
  • Stupid bunz it's the e that slows him

    Ceviz FındıkCeviz Fındıkпреди месец
  • Where are hentai artists we have a new champion here

    Iakobos GiakoumbIakobos Giakoumbпреди месец
  • Samira and Rell bot and than gg ez bottlane

    mohamed kabbaamohamed kabbaaпреди месец
    • Because the Ult combo and if Rell jump samira can follow her

      mohamed kabbaamohamed kabbaaпреди месец
  • Not even a normal game

    SerzielSerzielпреди месец
  • Uwu

    Harvy JepolloHarvy Jepolloпреди месец
  • In case you guys don't remember it looks like Galio's old Ult :3

    Silver KasilagSilver Kasilagпреди месец
  • linked team comp please Kalista Taric Rell and...

    OnihanzoOnihanzoпреди месец
  • i hope i win this time to build my own pc and buy cellphones to my brother and to me i dont have much money to buy it,and i join all of the giveaways to many streamers but i dont win it thank you for smiling us and for entertaining you play to all your videos

    john carl tagotonganjohn carl tagotonganпреди месец
  • That ult is literally cheap Venti or Sucrose Elemental Burst... I played too much Genshin Impact...

    MaxynovaMaxynovaпреди месец
  • Bunny: Why do we walk so slow Me: He really doesn’t know he just can press W 🤣😂

    AollanAollanпреди месец
  • The ult reminds me of a mobile Hades ult from SMITE

    Jidian JenkinsJidian Jenkinsпреди месец
  • Her armor looks like ornstein armor from dark souls

    JYTJYTпреди месец
  • Should i say horse shoes or horse boots?

    RiyuiiRiyuiiпреди месец
  • 16:54 zarya ult from overwatch

    RippingSnow7RippingSnow7преди месец
  • bunzzz thanks for the support to your fans at PH we love you so so much :>

    Ryuki zenzoRyuki zenzoпреди месец
  • rell passive be like (full tank malphit,zac,leona) COMME HEREE BOIII

    Triplex TVTriplex TVпреди месец
  • is this the only new champ that riot release that isnt stupidly broken :)

    Triplex TVTriplex TVпреди месец
  • Kinda sad you’re gonna say “first ability of its kind” like old Galio ult never existed

    Danny YoungDanny Youngпреди месец
  • Wait you can steal armor from a ward LOOOOL

    Coreano 12Coreano 12преди месец