12.11.2020 г.
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They all quit the game hahahahahaha
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  • Heracleum solo killed by bard 2 times in urf...

    Yu-Jie WuYu-Jie Wuпреди 9 дни
  • Ur country still have urf. I haven't enjoyed urf

    charles florescharles floresпреди месец
  • How is he still playing urf? I thought it was gone

    Tod TodTod Todпреди 2 месеца
  • try to add music

    chester berarachester beraraпреди 2 месеца
  • Hi person reading this , I am a league player from Europe. I uploaded my first "montage" if i can call it like that earlyer today , it would really mean a lot if you could check it out , feedback would also be apriciated . Hope you have a good day :) .

    JaszuoJaszuoпреди 2 месеца
  • I got 58 kills running a Hecarim and Yuumi combo a few months ago

    I am JagsI am Jagsпреди 2 месеца
  • URF to Z videos lets go!

    CakeovichCakeovichпреди 2 месеца
  • ptb?

    ツkapselツkapselпреди 2 месеца
  • How TF ú have old items i miss them so so much

    Aleksandar P. MilosavljevicAleksandar P. Milosavljevicпреди 2 месеца
  • Is this pbe? Or just a late upload vid?

    Kent GenuinoKent Genuinoпреди 2 месеца
  • 13:00 Sivir : Switch!!

    Mitsuba - KunMitsuba - Kunпреди 2 месеца
  • Sorry but the e cant be crit only the shin can be

    승수김승수김преди 2 месеца
  • hecarim ought to have been a rhino rather than a centaur

    Joseph CabidaJoseph Cabidaпреди 2 месеца
  • In Ph server urf has ended last november 10. Why does other server still have it?

    Lei YuLei Yuпреди 2 месеца
  • 10:27 idk why...but this made me laugh so hard. poor kog.

    SalilSalilпреди 2 месеца
  • We’re you able to finish the a-z series before they removed urf

    SurgeSurgeпреди 2 месеца
  • Im late :(

    Julieto AdlawanJulieto Adlawanпреди 2 месеца

    Merwin RubiMerwin Rubiпреди 2 месеца
  • Say goodbye to urf y'all again for a bit

    Cole BrandtCole Brandtпреди 2 месеца
  • is bunz caps lock broken?? Why does he always type in uppercase

    Yvng BlackwoodYvng Blackwoodпреди 2 месеца
  • Wait I thought urf was gone

    Dan KimDan Kimпреди 2 месеца
  • Why you saying get out of me when your the one who came to them and said I’m coming 😆

    Fighter LmFighter Lmпреди 2 месеца
  • URF is no longer on the official server where it plays?

    KevdezKevdezпреди 2 месеца
    • Prob pre-recorded

      Pancake WafflezPancake Wafflezпреди 2 месеца
  • Hi hahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahhahhahahahhhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahhhahahhahhahhahhahhhahahhahahahahhahhahahhahhahhahahhahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahah Play new game : )

    Werty MembroteWerty Membroteпреди 2 месеца
  • Bunzz how do you play urf when theres no urf anymore????

    Rolan GamingRolan Gamingпреди 2 месеца
  • Bunz i wanna play with you IGN:bhos_smoke Server:PH

    Rolan GamingRolan Gamingпреди 2 месеца
  • i watched this video while listening to Initial D

    TsuguTsuguпреди 2 месеца
  • That Lucian was so fucking angry haha

    TsuguTsuguпреди 2 месеца
  • Its A-Z then go the end. We enjoy IT.

    rimmer62rimmer62преди 2 месеца
  • BunnyFuFuu with 2 wards: TRY TO GET VISION

    Julian LewisJulian Lewisпреди 2 месеца
  • at 1:21 it is a visual glitch in season 10 you hit his hitbox with E but the visuals of bard went into portal and then the game understood it's fail and teleported the visual part of him back to the place you hit him at.

    Joen Stagnell Nosabyskolan 7B2 TEJoen Stagnell Nosabyskolan 7B2 TEпреди 2 месеца
  • And this video... is why I hate hecarim

    Evan SchumacherEvan Schumacherпреди 2 месеца
  • How do you play urf when it disappeared yesterday??

    EduardEduardпреди 2 месеца
  • I like the fancy edits on your vids but there’s just something about the full gameplay, it’s less distracting and makes the video more enjoyable you should keep it how it is IMO. Love your vids

    DemosDemosпреди 2 месеца
  • I would hate bein the enemy team in this vid. I would ragequit too after he did the fountain thing.

    Dolphin SaviourDolphin Saviourпреди 2 месеца
  • Finish the urf series pls

    Carlos CastilloCarlos Castilloпреди 2 месеца
  • This is how hecarim was meant to be played

    Chad PetersonChad Petersonпреди 2 месеца
  • IGN : FurrySenko SERVER : EUNE I also have an na account IGN : MeliodafNA SERVER : NA

    MeliMeliпреди 2 месеца
  • Do a trickster rakan already bro

    Floyd HunchoCorázonFloyd HunchoCorázonпреди 2 месеца

    Panos PachidisPanos Pachidisпреди 2 месеца
  • Is that on PBE?

    Brian LampteyBrian Lampteyпреди 2 месеца
  • Lmao fight lvl 20 bard at lvl 11 and wonder why he lost lol.

    j adamj adamпреди 2 месеца
  • Anyone else ashes arrow move at 14:36

    BeemoBeemoпреди 2 месеца
  • Buns team in URF: "Help him at all cost" My and my team in URF:"Surrender at 15"

    AgdiquinAgdiquinпреди 2 месеца
  • Lucian in chat crying constantly was entertaining

    Clara TehKittyClara TehKittyпреди 2 месеца
  • Yes, more urf!

    Mobile Legends AcademyMobile Legends Academyпреди 2 месеца
  • Where is urf available???

    Anthony IbrahimAnthony Ibrahimпреди 2 месеца
  • Is this PVE?

    James ParkJames Parkпреди 2 месеца
  • wish we all had a mydadd on our team every game even hecarim who is weak especially late game gets ton of kills

    Γιαννης ΠαπαδοπουλοςΓιαννης Παπαδοπουλοςпреди 2 месеца
    • Σύμφωνο απόλυτα Γιάννη

      Anthony IbrahimAnthony Ibrahimпреди 2 месеца
  • I miss thise 5 min videos 😐😐

    Čapťaìn HøokČapťaìn Høokпреди 2 месеца
  • How do I play urf I thought IT was gone

    RavenclawsRavenclawsпреди 2 месеца
  • Pizza

    one_shoot_manone_shoot_manпреди 2 месеца
  • 14:36 ashe tool,hack

    dương zing speeddương zing speedпреди 2 месеца
  • Alr missed urf here in PH 😢

    Battle Queen KatarinaBattle Queen Katarinaпреди 2 месеца
  • Waiting for Qiyana but URF is already gone😃 I don't know if he has pre-recorded vid, but I wish he has

    Amieljan MoradaAmieljan Moradaпреди 2 месеца
  • Эххх теперь не будет роликов про урф!( Этот видос был очень смешным.^-^

    Данил ТюхматьевДанил Тюхматьевпреди 2 месеца
  • how do you still have urf

    InosubaInosubaпреди 2 месеца
    • Recorded before update.

      Ahmed FaghihiAhmed Faghihiпреди 2 месеца
  • im gonna miss these items! :(

    archeil decastilloarcheil decastilloпреди 2 месеца
  • Did i just see bard 2nd go back to the wall? 1:09/17:16

    kirito kirigayakirito kirigayaпреди 2 месеца
  • Why don't we have urf still in EU servers

    saif_is_lost YT gamessaif_is_lost YT gamesпреди 2 месеца
  • hacker... there is no more urf

    ryan liangryan liangпреди 2 месеца
  • is urf back in pbe?

    JuliusJuliusпреди 2 месеца
  • 6:01 my Mouse just died LMAO

    Amr ShirajAmr Shirajпреди 2 месеца
  • Gotta love the horse!

    Fothewin GamingFothewin Gamingпреди 2 месеца
  • I tought urf is gone??

    Geluel Schey BayotGeluel Schey Bayotпреди 2 месеца
  • Old league of legends 😢😭

    alireza dadmandalireza dadmandпреди 2 месеца
  • hi friends .. can u help me ? i need to know the program of more zoom in lol. thanke you all

    Ahmed MaherAhmed Maherпреди 2 месеца
    • My name is hi friends in discord :D

      Tommy HuynhTommy Huynhпреди 2 месеца
  • How are you playing urf?

    Asian BoiAsian Boiпреди 2 месеца
  • How come he still has urf?

    Sebastian BatarioSebastian Batarioпреди 2 месеца
  • how r u playing urf?

    Inting YasuoInting Yasuoпреди 2 месеца
  • They all got a bunch of armor, so I would probably have sold the ghoseblade and bought a LDR.

    Stefan NilssonStefan Nilssonпреди 2 месеца
  • Amazing

    SillyBoyTVSillyBoyTVпреди 2 месеца
  • I miss the old items.......The new items are so garbage

    David L.David L.преди 2 месеца
  • i want URF back egain :( ( i have 200ms on the PBE because i live in greece) *sad*

    i love frappei love frappeпреди 2 месеца
    • @Anthony Ibrahim οκ toulaxiston kane sub bro

      i love frappei love frappeпреди 2 месеца
    • @i love frappe είμαι στο NA :( γιατί εκεί παίζουν οι πιο πολύ φίλοι μου.

      Anthony IbrahimAnthony Ibrahimпреди 2 месеца
    • Δεν ξέρω ρε νομίζω ότι είναι Επισεις αν μπορείς κάνε μ ένα sud Aa παίζεις στο EUNE? αν ναι κάνε με add ilovefrappe

      i love frappei love frappeпреди 2 месеца
    • BRO IM FROM GREECE TOO, is urf back in PBE? Μιλάω αγγλικά από συνήθεια ρ Αμερική μένω εδώ και 6 χρόνια!

      Anthony IbrahimAnthony Ibrahimпреди 2 месеца
  • Don't stop till you get toy yasuo!

    GatsGatsпреди 2 месеца
  • Nice Bunny your my inspiration ❤️ dont quit

    Jude YTJude YTпреди 2 месеца
  • Finish urf series plz and if u find time if it’s possible some senna movie :) stacking for days baby..

    bjonda kryeziubjonda kryeziuпреди 2 месеца
  • Nick tcabnightcup Server EUW Bye urf

  • If there's yuumi, i would've been a cherry on top

  • how can you play urf ???????

    boxy_coffeeboxy_coffeeпреди 2 месеца
  • Heimerdinger Illaoi Irelia Ivern Janna Jarvan IV Jax Jayce Jhin Jinx Kai'Sa Kalista Karma Karthus Kassadin Katarina Kayle Kayn Kennen Kha'Zix Kindred Kled Kog'Maw LeBlanc Lee Sin Leona Lillia Lissandra Lucian Lulu Lux Malphite Malzahar Maokai Master Yi Miss Fortune Mordekaiser Morgana Nami Nasus Nautilus Neeko Nidalee Nocturne Nunu & Willump Olaf Orianna Ornn Pantheon Poppy Pyke Qiyana Quinn Rakan Rammus Rek'Sai Renekton Rengar Riven Rumble Ryze Samira Sejuani Senna Seraphine Sett Shaco Shen Shyvana Singed Sion Sivir Skarner Sona Soraka Swain Sylas Syndra Tahm Kench Taliyah Talon Taric Teemo Thresh Tristana Trundle Tryndamere Twisted Fate Twitch Udyr Urgot Varus Vayne Veigar Vel'Koz Vi Viktor Vladimir Volibear Warwick Wukong Xayah Xerath Xin Zhao Yasuo Yone Yorick Yuumi Zac Zed Ziggs Zilean Zoe Zyra Keep it up Bunz. 👍 Still a long way to go. 😁

    nicknickпреди 2 месеца
  • Respect bunny

    Edy YtEdy Ytпреди 2 месеца
  • No one: Bard: i solo horses for breakfast

    Dany CuteDany Cuteпреди 2 месеца
  • F for the hextaco

    EduGamer3000EduGamer3000преди 2 месеца
  • I cant wait to see veigar!! Im calling it now, it will be the most kills in this series!!

    Theo NikitopoulosTheo Nikitopoulosпреди 2 месеца
    • Greek chat here

      Dim ΤekDim Τekпреди 2 месеца
  • 1:11 i need answers about that portal lmao

    HenryAGHenryAGпреди 2 месеца
    • Lol I got Also crazy trying to figure it out, but no idea

      Andeka OcioAndeka Ocioпреди 2 месеца
    • The portal to the left goes to river, bard then waited for his e to come up again and portal to lane again

      Rasmus JensenRasmus Jensenпреди 2 месеца
    • @Rasmus Jensen but there is only 1 bard, and the other portal came from the opossite side

      HenryAGHenryAGпреди 2 месеца
    • It’s 2 portals

      Rasmus JensenRasmus Jensenпреди 2 месеца
  • 16:02 the "M to the beat tiktok"

    iLy KohaiiiLy Kohaiiпреди 2 месеца
  • 28th comment~

    Mind Of SteelMind Of Steelпреди 2 месеца
  • I've never been this early❤️ love ya bunzzz

    Kenard James CansecoKenard James Cansecoпреди 2 месеца
  • I know this might sound stupid, but is he showing us an URF game before the S11 update or is there another way to still play URF?

    bobo011bobo011преди 2 месеца
    • Yeah, is prerecorded

      Jake LottJake Lottпреди 2 месеца
  • how can you play urf man??!!

    chazechazeпреди 2 месеца
    • I think he recorded that before urf is gone

      Light Craft3Light Craft3преди 2 месеца
  • Bunnzz: plays Hecarim carry and teamate funnel Enemy team: reverse funnel 4 carry 1 support.

    matthew alcoranmatthew alcoranпреди 2 месеца
  • this is fake, sivir's summoner name is "My Dadd", in he's last video he play urf with he in team!!

    Vojin SimonovićVojin Simonovićпреди 2 месеца
    • @Zqcker ?

      Vojin SimonovićVojin Simonovićпреди 2 месеца
    • wtf

      ZqckerZqckerпреди 2 месеца
  • Hey bunnzz i am subbed to all your channels give me a heart

    Darsheel DhakadDarsheel Dhakadпреди 2 месеца
  • why is yuumi not there?

    Wet SocksWet Socksпреди 2 месеца
  • Notice idol im a lol gamer😬

  • Can you play sivir?pleasssss

    grabi noobgrabi noobпреди 2 месеца
  • Im watching this in school I want my heart.....

    Joseph C 2024Joseph C 2024преди 2 месеца
  • Yo u my 2nd best youtuber 1st is Ali a 💩

    Real_DefaultReal_Defaultпреди 2 месеца
  • Bunzz love from the phillipines🇵🇭❤. Pls lang Lord wala na ang bagyong nato😖

    alexcameronalexcameronпреди 2 месеца
    • konti ng naglalaro ngayon, silver palang ako pero 15 minutes nako nag aantay sa queue

      InosubaInosubaпреди 2 месеца
    • @Jude YT salamat po ikaw rin sana

      alexcameronalexcameronпреди 2 месеца
    • Keep safe po

      Jude YTJude YTпреди 2 месеца