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26.11.2020 г.
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  • When urf comeback?

    SerieszMocarnyKoksSerieszMocarnyKoksпреди месец
  • 13:45 when i kill sb that yummi glued herself to him/her , i think yummi on that time is just a present for me ((You kill him/her? Now u can have another kill! Kill this cat!!!)(

    ali moradiali moradiпреди месец
  • RIP URF RIP SEASON 10 We'll miss so many things. Bye Bye Statikk Shiv, Frozen Mallet and Adaptive Helm T-T

    Nightcore GamerNightcore Gamerпреди месец
  • Bunz you didn't play kaisa in the series

    Jake ArtusJake Artusпреди месец
  • I so miss old items !

    Vučko MrakićVučko Mrakićпреди месец
  • Bunnie, did you know that in seasoon 11, you can basicly be URF Karma?, with cdr on R, and A bunch of Abilitie Haste, you can R, and get your R back, with full full Cdr(4 air dragons and Ultimate hunter, and maxing ability haste), i could get it to 3.9s, so its 2 atos, and r, or any ability and r

    Marco Antonio Aguirre GonzalezMarco Antonio Aguirre Gonzalezпреди месец
  • Want urf

    bosco malespinbosco malespinпреди месец
  • Rip to hextacho gunblade 😖😥

    Yvng BlackwoodYvng Blackwoodпреди месец
  • What a crazy wombo combo @ 8:55

    CXpwnsCXpwnsпреди месец
  • Nice gameplay bunny, but omg that ezreal was SO trash!!!

    Dionisios PanouDionisios Panouпреди месец
  • subrice

    Akif Erdem HacıoğluAkif Erdem Hacıoğluпреди месец
  • likkeeee

    Akif Erdem HacıoğluAkif Erdem Hacıoğluпреди месец
  • (*)

    LexuLexuпреди месец
  • Bunzz I tried playing ap karma mid in season 11 and it actually works pretty well would love to see you try it out so I can learn how to do it better ps love your videos

    Alexander HenningsonAlexander Henningsonпреди месец
  • Bunz why did you betray us on ur tft Channel,we don't want auto chess shit

    Davez leanDavez leanпреди месец
  • Bruh, I despise every time I have to watch your videos on my phone...this damn add revenue...OP2020econ

    O Z M DO Z M Dпреди месец
  • Bunnnz is the greatest.

    John AJohn Aпреди месец
  • dude, try her with dark harvest and night harvester.... bealive me u will laught. much love from Argentina

    Tomas Facundo Sueldo DieguezTomas Facundo Sueldo Dieguezпреди месец
  • Umm why the shop back again?

    Michollo Dwayne AmbosMichollo Dwayne Ambosпреди месец
  • Bunz you must try tank karma it's op haha

    Renz GamingRenz Gamingпреди месец
  • 90% cooldown reduction, that's my dream

    Lucca MainoLucca Mainoпреди месец
  • F

    Cordero SierensCordero Sierensпреди месец
  • i love you bunzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    shervenjohn albaricoshervenjohn albaricoпреди месец
  • Honestly that was solid positioning that whole game.

    Brandon SteinBrandon Steinпреди месец
  • The legendary "When the Time Comes"

    Ronny WilbertRonny Wilbertпреди месец
  • I hate how this dude doesn’t use her r when he can like dude come on

    ThisTextIsBannedThisTextIsBannedпреди месец
  • happy thanksgiving!

    Devon OltmannsDevon Oltmannsпреди месец
  • Is it just me or others too see that no matter how many games Bunny plays with My Dad he never quite remembers what champs he's friend is using?

    Seba GabSeba Gabпреди месец
  • Bye bye hextech gunblade :(

    DeadAceHunterDeadAceHunterпреди месец
  • Of course you have a yuumi

    AG bokiAG bokiпреди месец
  • good vid but why is lee building supp ? 11:55

    GG GoKuGG GoKuпреди месец
  • Happy thanksgiving everyone in comment section below!!!

    Sly11B EnalSly11B Enalпреди месец
  • cool. This channel is very inspiring, bro, maybe there is free time to stop by my channel too, bro hehe🙏🏻🔥

    Fatur MobaFatur Mobaпреди месец
  • im guessing you'd stop at champion no. 69

    nath pradonath pradoпреди месец
  • Can you put these all in a playlist?

    Leeroy PierceLeeroy Pierceпреди месец
  • Q

    Fighter LmFighter Lmпреди месец
  • Rip Hextecho gunbladeo

    Benjammin169Benjammin169преди месец
  • damn bunz is really tired in this one

    Dave IlaganDave Ilaganпреди месец
  • Pliseeeeee do a room tour plisee

    Gabrijel KlapcicGabrijel Klapcicпреди месец
  • the dissaperence of gunblade broke my heart *akali

    Twaffy StarTwaffy Starпреди месец
  • سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم 🌴🌴❤️❤️💎💎

    Salman DariSalman Dariпреди месец
  • Can someone gift me a subscription on bunnyfufu's twitch channel MERRY CHRISTMAS

    christian aperongchristian aperongпреди месец
  • We want kaaaaayn :(

    omar ahmedomar ahmedпреди месец
  • Just having a recommendation of your years playing Thresh gets me hyped bruhhhh yourrrr so littttt!!!! Now I really knew what champ to look forward to

    Viper VenomViper Venomпреди месец
  • Yes, u sure it wasn't your home being haunted?

    David HeydariDavid Heydariпреди месец
  • Why is the shop different or is it only here?

    eve leganteve legantпреди месец
    • Just asking ♥️

      eve leganteve legantпреди месец
  • I know your the one making the videos, but damn buns you're selfish. You never shielded the lee sin once while he was the one taking damage, and you were siting in the back.

    AsunderEntertainmentAsunderEntertainmentпреди месец
  • GUNBLADE 💔💔💔💔

    LIgNJo 2LIgNJo 2преди месец
  • Still waiting for katarina

    CH0MP3CH0MP3преди месец
  • So is this the last video in the A-Z series?? I'm so gutted because I wanted to see Xin Zhao. I wish you had said earlier that you only got up to Karma.

    Ben AdamsBen Adamsпреди месец
    • Or is there more and the title is just bait?

      Ben AdamsBen Adamsпреди месец
  • Yey Karmaaaa

    Dale CorbaduraDale Corbaduraпреди месец
  • hi

    keegan bringlekeegan bringleпреди месец
  • I wanted to see bunny playing katarina

    Awesome SummonerAwesome Summonerпреди месец
  • Then Rell comes out and makes that 1148 ap shield a joke

    Quân BrianQuân Brianпреди месец

    Dmitri Alves 7Dmitri Alves 7преди месец
  • Reup?

    Koto- kun TKKoto- kun TKпреди месец
  • i have been waiting for kayle one more day...

    Sonic GamingSonic Gamingпреди месец
  • Zoro05*

    Jessell MinasJessell Minasпреди месец
  • Bunny fufu add me my LOL this acc youtube not me... Add me to my LOL zoro5 pleasss 1v1 i am challenge you pleasss win o lose its okay for me....

    Jessell MinasJessell Minasпреди месец

    Παντόφλα GucciΠαντόφλα Gucciпреди месец
  • f

    Frederik EskildsenFrederik Eskildsenпреди месец
  • Today was the day I learned karma has her ult level 1,and Ive been playing lol for years now.

    Elijah PelitoElijah Pelitoпреди месец
  • First day back to work and I get urf at lunch. **Click** Noice

    GreatGabriel11GreatGabriel11преди месец
  • Do you meet rell

    deptraibodoiqua Khanhdeptraibodoiqua Khanhпреди месец
  • That Champion can literally 1v9

    kevin catapkevin catapпреди месец
  • Up next Karthus , the enemies will cry😂😭

    kevin catapkevin catapпреди месец
  • im speachless your nnot going tank karma in urf??????????

    Ramon BakkerRamon Bakkerпреди месец
  • That Rift Herald slide tho at 18:43 was smooth

    M&M YakrooM&M Yakrooпреди месец
  • nooooooooo danm you ka champs, he was so close to kennen

    qb1qb1преди месец
  • I can't find urf neither in pbe nor in eune ..

    George DoulGeorge Doulпреди месец
  • I heard 'grt over here' 😂

    Amien MahamedAmien Mahamedпреди месец
  • 4:33 The Hextaco Gunblado comes

    BaconGod PlaysBaconGod Playsпреди месец
  • Yow bunz. I love your content. Keep it up.

    Oreki HoutarouOreki Houtarouпреди месец
  • *Bunzz* in 2030: I got all the tower plating in the start of the game , bannable bug

    BaconGod PlaysBaconGod Playsпреди месец
  • Bruh the new item in season 11 will be so broken in URF😁

    Julian PalimaJulian Palimaпреди месец
    • How to delete someone windows in Urf S11: 1-Buy Night harvester 2-Play Diana

      EduardEduardпреди месец
  • I wanted to see him play yorick in urf. XD

    Sunny DaulatkarSunny Daulatkarпреди месец
    • Mee too, kid.

      Manuel GuzmánManuel Guzmánпреди месец
  • This is the Right Time

    BaconGod PlaysBaconGod Playsпреди месец

    ShobujdShobujdпреди месец
  • I want urf to come back.

    Edmar GuillemerEdmar Guillemerпреди месец
  • Man my mains were swain wukomg xayah all at the bottom

    Shadow ConquerorShadow Conquerorпреди месец
  • Have a good thanks giving

    HoppleschotchHoppleschotchпреди месец
  • who misses season 10?

    Justin SerranoJustin Serranoпреди месец
  • Urf is fun

    Nerd ReaperNerd Reaperпреди месец
  • Heyy bunzzz❤️❤️❤️

    Oaries YTOaries YTпреди месец
  • Can you do a vid with your girlfriend

    HoppleschotchHoppleschotchпреди месец
  • I Believe they will give us UrF for Christmas believe we have it every year they wont miss this one

    Teem0Teem0преди месец
  • I want to play league of legend cause I haven't played it for a long time cause of the pandemic

    Ken martin DeguzmanKen martin Deguzmanпреди месец
  • Hi:)

    -有感啊杨-有感啊杨преди месец
  • im bad... i rlly wanted see you playing w/ champs like skarner, sion and etc

    00w0000w00преди месец
  • Hey bunny you are my favorite youtuber can I get a heart

    HoppleschotchHoppleschotchпреди месец
  • I really hope urf come back soon i miss urf 😭😭😭

    George_!!! pala.George_!!! pala.преди месец
    • @Otto uno Jasmund I thought it went away a few weeks ago. Unless you talking about a particular server. On OCE server it's been in pre season 11 for a few weeks now with all the new items.

      Ben AdamsBen Adamsпреди месец
    • It legit just went away... how are you missing it already? Seems like an adiction Lmao.

      Otto uno JasmundOtto uno Jasmundпреди месец
  • First

    Pastel HikariPastel Hikariпреди месец
  • This is my happy pill... I always watch and like bunnyfufu's video

    charles ferrercharles ferrerпреди месец
  • Wow good bro

    SURYA gta1SURYA gta1преди месец
  • Urf already?

    Phong YangPhong Yangпреди месец

    Kujtek GustawKujtek Gustawпреди месец
  • Im waiting to see you play kled...😁😁😁

    Degryse CasfordDegryse Casfordпреди месец
  • Dude you uploading from internet explorer or something?

    LedanLedanпреди месец
  • I hope urf will be good

    YodaYodaпреди месец
  • I love youuuuu! Charot..! ♥

    Rose QuartsRose Quartsпреди месец