The BEST Outplay I've EVER Made... (SECRET FACT ABOUT ME) - BunnyFuFuu | League of Legends

2.12.2020 г.
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  • I started league of legends with kennen too and he is still my main I just love that champ AND THAT DAMAGE and I love u too❤️❤️❤️

    CuzIm AleCuzIm Aleпреди месец
  • 7:38- That was a very weird lag spike.

    Noah FrostNoah Frostпреди месец
  • A-Z Tham kench

    Raymond SRaymond Sпреди месец
  • Brough "Usles Rock!"??? Wtf Malphite jg is realy good for sure beater then top laner on bot

    krecik 135krecik 135преди месец
  • To the person who is reading this: You're amazing, stay blessed, stay safe and have a wonderful rest of your day and please help me to reach 1k Subscriber to achieve my dreams to become an successful youtuber

    Trash XTrash Xпреди месец
  • Short one: I'm gonna miss you Long one: I'm gonna miss the content you create. A LOT !

    Rakad GamingRakad Gamingпреди месец
  • This guy is too good

    Mario RossiMario Rossiпреди месец
  • man his auto is 48 is that possible?

    Peanut ButterPeanut Butterпреди месец

    Aziz TbshAziz Tbshпреди месец
  • I wanna see you try 110cdr Gangplank

    Aaron D.Aaron D.преди месец
  • Plai lulu

    Tasos GrTasos Grпреди месец
  • Now that he sang it he looks like the kid from little einstein kids show

    urgodTurgodTпреди месец
  • What a champ jeez 👊

    Dimitri FievetDimitri Fievetпреди месец
  • Wait why is the thumbnail for this the A-Z series?

    KingDeriKingDeriпреди месец
  • Repost?

    MrFlyBoyMrFlyBoyпреди месец
  • we gonna miss you bunz ; - ;

    Faukiou SamFaukiou Samпреди месец
  • I'll miss you

    Kiki2bunsKiki2bunsпреди месец
  • yes we will and it will be a boring week if u dont have any saved up videos to upload

    Erfan SadeghErfan Sadeghпреди месец
  • that long silence was weird considering it never happens

    Erfan SadeghErfan Sadeghпреди месец
  • Nocturne vod ?

    TheShadowMysticsTheShadowMysticsпреди месец
  • i dont miss you... i miss you a lot couse i dont have anything to watch

    Tomek VoTomek Voпреди месец
  • Love it !

    D3adMenD3adMenпреди месец
  • Finally you playd kennen pleas play him more with different build because u only have like 3 videos of kennen and its not fair

    mody abdelwahedmody abdelwahedпреди месец
  • I will mess you relly i will😣😣

    ahmed gamerahmed gamerпреди месец
  • Buuunzzzzz what is the runesssss????

    Robert GabrielRobert Gabrielпреди месец
  • This series remind me of jay sea.........he dosent upload anymore :(

    Rocky BaruaRocky Baruaпреди месец
  • YO your actualy going to Arizona? I used to live there up in the moutains in flagstaff.

    brett turnerbrett turnerпреди месец
  • uggghhh how do u make it so eaaassy ive been playing lol for a while now and i cant even last hit minions properly (by a while i meant 2 days)

    Random_ dudeRandom_ dudeпреди месец
  • Do u play 24 hours bunny??

    DeadAceHunterDeadAceHunterпреди месец
  • I have been waiting for kled and it’s almost here🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Swaggy Big ChungusSwaggy Big Chungusпреди месец
  • im gonna miss you😂 ("im gonna miss urf")

    Sonic GamingSonic Gamingпреди месец
  • im gonna miss you bunzz love your vid's about season11

    taba fattaba fatпреди месец
  • That awkward silence after "tell me you gonna miss me" made me feel so uncomfortable

    Jesus RiveraJesus Riveraпреди месец
    • Same tho. I thought he froze, but was still moving in game xD

      BlueHorseCreationsBlueHorseCreationsпреди месец
  • buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ps rell is a joke of a champ. one dash to dodge her slow engage and shes a sitting duck

    RoaRoaпреди месец
  • i'll miss you bunz don't worry, I got you HAHAHAHA

  • Vlog your journey bunz

    Cas TielCas Tielпреди месец
  • Omg if you use a champ automaticly makes op

    EduGamer3000EduGamer3000преди месец
    • Yeah u can play anything in low elo and still carry

      Samy HusseinSamy Husseinпреди месец
  • There was a aatrox in your team????

    JokermannJokermannпреди месец
  • Hi bunzz

    Thefate CoatThefate Coatпреди месец
  • It wasnt a secret that you boosted.ok ok jk. But you didn't have to keep it from us so long, it's 2020. Is okay to be gay

    Rando KaratajevRando Karatajevпреди месец
  • Can I honestly say, bunnz Is the single you tube channel I have watched daily for the past however many years. Thanks for the amazing content!

    Andrew BeachamAndrew Beachamпреди месец

    Senshi DaisukiSenshi Daisukiпреди месец
  • Kennen looks so fun to play :') the plays he made in this video tho

    KassidyKassidyпреди месец
  • So next vid is Kalista? 😂🔥

    Adam WizardryAdam Wizardryпреди месец
  • If BUNZZ heart this I will get back to league

    Daren MostajoDaren Mostajoпреди месец
    • Jesus keep jewing them hearts kid

      Rando KaratajevRando Karatajevпреди месец
  • YYYYES FINALLY, Ive been waiting for this for so looooong, my main my favorite champion I LOVE YOU BUNZ

    qb1qb1преди месец
  • Were gonna miss ya bunzs

    Gonzalo Pardo CastroGonzalo Pardo Castroпреди месец
  • hello there

    PolishfakerPolishfakerпреди месец
  • Im always waiting your uploads bunny, every morning and evening here in the Philippines 🔥💜

    Em EmEm Emпреди месец
  • we will wait for your next video

    Alexis KountAlexis Kountпреди месец
  • I already uses 9 of my account so you could play with me 😭😢

    Hanna MadridHanna Madridпреди месец
    • Why u want play with him

      Samy HusseinSamy Husseinпреди месец
  • My IGN is NightShadow from PH

    Hanna MadridHanna Madridпреди месец
  • Pweaaasseeee bunzzzzz 😢😢

    Hanna MadridHanna Madridпреди месец
  • Please notify me I wanna play with you even just 1 game pweasee😣😖

    Hanna MadridHanna Madridпреди месец
    • Why?

      Samy HusseinSamy Husseinпреди месец
  • 17 min ago

    Hanna MadridHanna Madridпреди месец
  • I love that new Champion Shecarim:)

    Jan NatocyadJan Natocyadпреди месец
    • lmao, that made me laugh. thanks :D

      Sef BenedikSef Benedikпреди месец
    • hahahahahaha xD

      KassidyKassidyпреди месец

    afr090 Rahmeafr090 Rahmeпреди месец
  • No we aint gonna miss you Jusk joking hahahahahaa

    Jowakim 16Jowakim 16преди месец
  • Lâu rồi không xem chào anh

    Nguyễn Văn ÝNguyễn Văn Ýпреди месец
  • Bunny please notice me 😍

    AngelieAngelieпреди месец
    • I will miss you bunz

      AngelieAngelieпреди месец
  • Man I'm sleeping , then I see Kennen

    DoggoDoggoпреди месец
  • Best youtuber

    lisjan coollisjan coolпреди месец
  • 9 mins but ok

    0 1110 111преди месец
  • Where's the a-z urf series

    Hoàng QuânHoàng Quânпреди месец
    • urf is sadly done:((

      Kyle PalimaKyle Palimaпреди месец
  • Kha'Zix Kindred Kled Kog'Maw LeBlanc Lee Sin Leona Lillia Lissandra Lucian Lulu Lux Malphite Malzahar Maokai Master Yi Miss Fortune Mordekaiser Morgana Nami Nasus Nautilus Neeko Nidalee Nocturne Nunu & Willump Olaf Orianna Ornn Pantheon Poppy Pyke Qiyana Quinn Rakan Rammus Rek'Sai Renekton Rengar Riven Rumble Ryze Samira Sejuani Senna Seraphine Sett Shaco Shen Shyvana Singed Sion Sivir Skarner Sona Soraka Swain Sylas Syndra Tahm Kench Taliyah Talon Taric Teemo Thresh Tristana Trundle Tryndamere Twisted Fate Twitch Udyr Urgot Varus Vayne Veigar Vel'Koz Vi Viktor Vladimir Volibear Warwick Wukong Xayah Xerath Xin Zhao Yasuo Yone Yorick Yuumi Zac Zed Ziggs Zilean Zoe Zyra Keep it up Bunz. 👍 Still a long way to go. 😁

    nicknickпреди месец
  • How do you spell this champ? Kennen? Cannon? Kanen? I don't even know

    • Kennen I think

      Ahmed beastAhmed beastпреди месец
  • Nice

    EL AnonimoEL Anonimoпреди месец
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    Foxy FoxyFoxy Foxyпреди месец
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    • No

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  • Hello

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  • Hello im early today .🤣

    Brian GarlandoBrian Garlandoпреди месец

    Andrew GlickAndrew Glickпреди месец
    • Khm attention who... Khm

      Rando KaratajevRando Karatajevпреди месец
  • Hi

    Andrew JubinalAndrew Jubinalпреди месец
  • sup bunzz how you doin edit : max W first btw

    Luka LajicLuka Lajicпреди месец
    • What no, maxing q as ap its ok

      qb1qb1преди месец
  • 18

    Bruh_ in OOFSBruh_ in OOFSпреди месец
  • Legends say bunny will notice me one day....

    Diana-Marlen Post-GürolDiana-Marlen Post-Gürolпреди месец
  • get yalls early ticket here

    B03 - Andrada, Christian Joseph S.B03 - Andrada, Christian Joseph S.преди месец
  • Hi

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  • Faster than noti

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  • I'm so early finally ;w;

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  • I'm thinking... what if you use the bug every champ you use in a-z

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  • earlyyy

    jayden chinjayden chinпреди месец
  • Hello bunzzzz

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  • i Swear im gonna commit a hate crime to those who are racing to Comment 'first' in the comment section, because we all know that the first Viewer is always first

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  • Kntl

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  • Imagine Your Early And You Get A Heart From Bunzz🤔🤔🤔

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    • Lol its a dreamed

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    • "please heart my comment, I'm so lonely I need your attention"

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  • Bunzz im waiting for ur Urf Urgot

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  • 1 min ago lol

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