This New Ultimate is HILARIOUS (NEW SPEAR??) - BunnyFuFuu | League of Legends

13.12.2020 г.
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    BunnyFuFuuBunnyFuFuuпреди месец
    • You? Jk

      Shauncy LegaspiShauncy Legaspiпреди месец

      Carlo CanezalCarlo Canezalпреди месец
    • @Chunky Coffee um yeah what you said...

      brett turnerbrett turnerпреди месец
    • What drug did you use??

      joseph paolo mendozajoseph paolo mendozaпреди месец
    • What drug did you use??

      joseph paolo mendozajoseph paolo mendozaпреди месец
  • .

    SamuilSamuilпреди 13 дни
  • Ok Imma continue playing Pantheon then

    EujhinEujhinпреди месец
  • KONOSUBA EDITS???????? u already know who's my fav ;)

    AquaAquaпреди месец
  • Merry christ mas buns love your vid and yey edeting is back

    Francis AmoguisFrancis Amoguisпреди месец
  • Juice editing

    Overn _Overn _преди месец
  • i love you trool all games ahaha

    Froszti 87Froszti 87преди месец
  • 9:45 please someone explain what tf happened

    Deidy De La RosaDeidy De La Rosaпреди месец
  • NNNNNNNNN 2:04

    RetlyRetlyпреди месец
  • Editing is the bessttt!!!!

    Manu SiebensManu Siebensпреди месец
  • 11:10 who else was playing hs?

    ChainNsChainNsпреди месец
  • I had to rewatch that ekko ult 10 times before realizing what happened xD

    Nick MorrisNick Morrisпреди месец
  • 100% high video must be made now that you stated it into existence XDXDXD

    Isaac HowlandIsaac Howlandпреди месец
  • Please do a video while your high 😂 pleaseeeee

    Robbe SchellfautRobbe Schellfautпреди месец
  • I just love you.

    Bunny vavaBunny vavaпреди месец
  • YEAH!!! Editing is back finally

    FIVE NINEFIVE NINEпреди месец
  • Bunz: "we could troll and probably die and probably lose the game, but we're not gonna do that !" Me: Skip 5 seconds. Grey Screen Bunz: I'm a facking idiot.

    SandstormSandstormпреди месец
    • I like how it was a perfect 5 seconds after he finished the sentence.

      SandstormSandstormпреди месец
  • You must construct additional pylons

    SofakingSofakingпреди месец
  • I looooove editing videos

    Farzam SHFarzam SHпреди месец
  • S

    Fighter LmFighter Lmпреди месец
  • sry man take pta only scardy cats take conquerer

    Isolition 1Isolition 1преди месец
  • I remember the old days when it was just pleb and tando :(... crazy how time flies

    Chris MelendezChris Melendezпреди месец
  • The editing is amazing glad to have it back

    StoneCoated WolfStoneCoated Wolfпреди месец
  • What template did you use to edit the video lol

    Danilo SalazarDanilo Salazarпреди месец
  • No one: Bunnz:nidalee here in a bush! Me:its not nidalee its rek sai

    Zian jazz FernadezZian jazz Fernadezпреди месец
  • This editing has reached god-tier limits. xD

    Jarence YozamaJarence Yozamaпреди месец
  • Leon i love the Konosuba edits

    Kroxigor 54Kroxigor 54преди месец
  • good joke: PASSIVE: now steals the blue buff no matter what

    capitaine casse-croûtecapitaine casse-croûteпреди месец
  • I miss Pleb, and Tonto...

    Thuc NguyenThuc Nguyenпреди месец
  • Edit is back ❤️❤️❤️

    Ahmed SaeedAhmed Saeedпреди месец
  • 1:24 name ?

    el diabloueel diabloueпреди месец

    Petar BPetar Bпреди месец
  • You lucky bitch XDddd(end)

    VAL TRAVAL TRAпреди месец
  • His mom was my assistant principal last year.

    Drew G.Drew G.преди месец
  • bunnz why are u fake-ing ur videos . they are all staged

    Amjed ZiyadAmjed Ziyadпреди месец
  • On 2x speed, it is hilarious XD GJ bunnzzzzz

    péter cserkuthypéter cserkuthyпреди месец
  • Wait is that... A royalty free knockoff of hearthstone music?

    Koen De WinneKoen De Winneпреди месец
  • This is some great laughs in the edit good job leon 😂

    Hussein Tarek AbdeldayemHussein Tarek Abdeldayemпреди месец
  • "jack of all traits"?.......🤦🏻‍♂️

    D PetersD Petersпреди месец
  • @Payajowy and Guyssss... what's the background music playing on 2:06 to 2:39... pls help...

    DeathmarkExileDeathmarkExileпреди месец
  • Edit is fire

    JB StocktonJB Stocktonпреди месец
  • Best thing when Leon ‘talks back’ Never a dull moment 😂

    KalKalпреди месец
  • do you actually walk faster walking away? i dont think so bunz

    Michael Kojo AmpahMichael Kojo Ampahпреди месец
  • YAAAAS EDIT!!. I like the edits but i also like the nonedited. Can we do a mix of both?

    Jens Jørgen Gade KaaberbølJens Jørgen Gade Kaaberbølпреди месец
  • So basically they nerfed panth... Great

    Grier KubotaGrier Kubotaпреди месец
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees the edit is back I am bored watching with no edit I need edit int life

    prince ampatprince ampatпреди месец
  • "He is so dead" "no she I don't wanna assume gender" Bunzzzzz

    Julian LewisJulian Lewisпреди месец

    Elias KhalilElias Khalilпреди месец
  • I wonder what 1000 IQ vid will bunz produce when he gets high ?

    JunkDawgJunkDawgпреди месец
  • They honestly should've made his E block 50% of the turret damage and left everything how it was... Although the empowered E movement speed is kinda nice, and that new little spear hitbox on his R is also nice... But they should change the E to block 50% turret dmg imo

    TheProjaCraft ReloadedTheProjaCraft Reloadedпреди месец
  • it is natural for him to get a pentakill because for me.....sht

    Jhon Michael B. PagulayanJhon Michael B. Pagulayanпреди месец
  • Not gonna lie. I kinda miss *Pleb, Mama Fufuu, Taytay, Merch guy, teaming up with glacier and prof akali, and all the other editors* (whom i forgot the name sorry). Hope you guys are well.

    oxob_electricoxob_electricпреди месец
  • Yo Paya whats the song name you use for the kills bass drop

    ButchersBladeButchersBladeпреди месец
  • Editing is the only thing that keeps you in the game with, Professor Akali, Rav, Ross and Glacier. I'm kidding of course...or am I?

    None Ya BuisnessNone Ya Buisnessпреди месец
  • Yesssir please smoke hahaha its gonna be litty

    Levi HeziLevi Heziпреди месец
  • Panth/ nasus duo really nice trolling game😂 slowed and stunned like ever nice idea

  • 0:01 HELLO EVERYBODY!! 🎉 I really like your intro

    Mar Reward LihocMar Reward Lihocпреди месец
    • Every booty you mean

      Benedic BaduyaBenedic Baduyaпреди месец
    • Ayayay

      Eagle EyeEagle Eyeпреди месец
  • POG

    Mellow 01Mellow 01преди месец
  • new team comp for the boiiiz FULL ON SPEARS >>> Panth, Nidalee, Kalista, Xin Xao, Pyke? or Azir? etc...

    SnYping NinjaSnYping Ninjaпреди месец
  • 8:58 oh...

    Wizard JoshueWizard Joshueпреди месец
  • 9:30 'Check this out, Youmuu's Gunblade' Just like're really missing Hextech Gunblade huh Bunz? R.I.P. My good friend, all the fun hybrid builds you helped me do.

    TenNoOkamiTenNoOkamiпреди месец
  • The Konosuba movie reference was amazing.

    Mr ZionMr Zionпреди месец
  • Only way to play panth is onhit+guinsoo+collector

    Mr SosigloverMr Sosigloverпреди месец

    Klerr 03Klerr 03преди месец
  • Cmon buns the essence of the channel is your interaction With the editors thank god theyre back

    Gabriel Aderne BragaGabriel Aderne Bragaпреди месец

    Klerr 03Klerr 03преди месец
  • Ori Music D: I didn't expect feelings in league vid

    Tomáš MišudíkTomáš Mišudíkпреди месец
  • Pantheon is the easiest champ i have ever played

    0n10n0n10nпреди месец
  • I'm very happy with new Pantheon. lol.

    luna robbieluna robbieпреди месец
  • Was NOT expecting a kono suba reference (but loved it).

    mathieu perrin-beaumathieu perrin-beauпреди месец
  • paya youre really an otaku nice editing

    Ivan Cedric AsedilloIvan Cedric Asedilloпреди месец
  • We’re going a little deep but that’s how I like it😂🍆

    So KoSo Koпреди месец
  • 9:28 Reksai: Panth are you ok? 15:41 HOLLOW KNIGHT GREENPATH MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND

    hamza malikhamza malikпреди месец
  • Don't mind of I do, Not gonna lie, cherry on top ~ 🤣🤣🤣

    GraveXGraveXпреди месец
  • now im all confused was it paya or leon editing either way you made me laugh :D

    Caleb CarsonCaleb Carsonпреди месец
  • 4:57 The dragon cancel it your ulti 🤣

    Jeru BulawanJeru Bulawanпреди месец
  • lmfao that error screen with the bunnz pic is hilarious

    Bouwe HillenBouwe Hillenпреди месец
  • Show the Runes in the beginning of the video

    Georgios 18Georgios 18преди месец
  • I really love the anime edits keep it up ❤️

    WicketSWicketSпреди месец
    • Whats the name of the anime?

      HerztorHerztorпреди месец
  • Aaaaand.... No ending joke. Me sad. Me not likey.

    Adrian CigherAdrian Cigherпреди месец
  • I am happy with or without editing. Im not happy about trolling.

    [INFNTRX] ÆRO[INFNTRX] ÆROпреди месец
  • When bunny is happy for editing three videos in a row.

    Pavel AleksovPavel Aleksovпреди месец
  • pantheon main sitting here cringing

    Asmo7791Asmo7791преди месец

    Emmanuelle SantosEmmanuelle Santosпреди месец
  • Chi

    Pablo PabloPablo Pabloпреди месец
  • 11:45 you arent playing thresh buddy

    GG GoKuGG GoKuпреди месец
  • What is that gap closer item? Pls someone Edit:scrap that tell me all the items

    Thanos LoynThanos Loynпреди месец
  • i like how the changes was to get him out of bot lane

    anders12114anders12114преди месец
  • leon better than paya

    Γιωργος ΧατζηγαβριηλΓιωργος Χατζηγαβριηλпреди месец
  • Get high and upload so i can watch you while im high as well

    Niku. ioNiku. ioпреди месец
  • R.I.P paya

    kirito kirigayakirito kirigayaпреди месец
  • I wnat to see leon vs papaya montage.

    Kevin PanganKevin Panganпреди месец
  • Day 2 of waiting for urgot upload

    BruhChannelXDBruhChannelXDпреди месец
  • NEW PANTY ON??!!

    Burn PhoenixBurn Phoenixпреди месец
  • Just commenting nothing to help about your channel's issue

    Ryan FajardoRyan Fajardoпреди месец
  • Pantheon not like Bantheon Hahahaha.. I suck

    Hi I'm friendlyHi I'm friendlyпреди месец
  • well what can i say about panth? He is... FINALY NOT A FCKING SUPPORT and this freaking amazing mini rework will make everyone feel that they are doing dmg after 25min. without having to buy 3items to atleast 1v1 the adc. But! if they will nerf him i think they should make the armor pen go up to 20% , lower the dmg that your w does by a little,like (20 dmg) idk and lastly lower his dmg by 10 and his q scale dmg by 5%.

    GASILATOR the gamerGASILATOR the gamerпреди месец

    Begaa 19Begaa 19преди месец
    • "that' s a freaking deep" HAHAHAHAH LOL

      Jonald AlipanJonald Alipanпреди месец
  • What is the song for his epic moments that he always plays in the middle of his videos. I'm this video it drops at 10:16

    Genji Main420Genji Main420преди месец
  • Support nasus op

    Frederick ReyesFrederick Reyesпреди месец