This ONE item BREAKS Illaoi!! (LONG RANGE EXECUTES) - BunnyFuFuu | League of Legends

30.11.2020 г.
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    BunnyFuFuuBunnyFuFuuпреди месец
    • Done following u in Bigo live

      Rosalinda Bermudez MorillaRosalinda Bermudez Morillaпреди месец
    • @jerry the gremlin its more of a +18 site rather than gaming.

      Deniz AlbayrakDeniz Albayrakпреди месец
    • When you play Illaoi its best to max your E first, cuz if you hit your Es at enemies they deal a lot of damage

      Zbychu od wytrychu.Zbychu od wytrychu.преди месец
    • why are they all half naked women

      jerry the gremlinjerry the gremlinпреди месец
    • No

      Andrew HodsonAndrew Hodsonпреди месец
  • You shoul add slap sound everytime tentacle slaps

    Vidoje ĐokovićVidoje Đokovićпреди 15 дни
  • U should max e for more poke..

    CyberNetiKCyberNetiKпреди 23 дни
  • i hate you bunnyfufu because of you illaoi is gone in list hahaha

    John Crysler SemillaJohn Crysler Semillaпреди месец
  • haha

    Vũ Tuấn AnhVũ Tuấn Anhпреди месец
  • I unsubscribed when i saw that this clown is stealing content and i came here after long time just from curiosity. You are still garbage what a surprise!

    Dimaratos GeorgiadisDimaratos Georgiadisпреди месец
  • Love the editing

    Zeke LozanoZeke Lozanoпреди месец
  • 3:43 song?

    Black DragonBlack Dragonпреди месец
  • 2:51 i wanna know the song but buns is so loud

    Lance Whynzel DavidLance Whynzel Davidпреди месец
  • Bunzz go try diskblade on illaoi and when u kill ghost u will dissapear

    V!ŁDR3Ð YTV!ŁDR3Ð YTпреди месец
  • I like the song at the beginning

    GreatGabriel11GreatGabriel11преди месец
  • Literally funny bubu

    ALEX TYALEX TYпреди месец
  • I dont like how I got the 1 rp discount but got 0 rp..

    DonDonпреди месец
  • U can be invisible if you kill the gost with duskblade

    5.Ismail Benjelloun5.Ismail Benjellounпреди месец
  • Bunny did not realize that u can gain collector gold if u kill the soul of the enemy that illaoi pulls out.

    Deus Ex MachinaDeus Ex Machinaпреди месец
  • for illaoi videos, you can visit my channel

    Nagakabouros LoLNagakabouros LoLпреди месец
  • if you kill illaoi E clone thingy it procs duskblade pretty dope

    Baloo BearBaloo Bearпреди месец
  • illaoi hitboxes are a fucking joke

    Sigma MaleSigma Maleпреди месец
  • not so much a comment to you bunny but to the editor. AHEM you putting me on to songs here man lemme hold yo playlist lmaooooo

    xzavismthxzavismthпреди месец
  • Thanks for the app bunny. A lot hot girls

    Duy TrầnDuy Trầnпреди месец
  • Haven't seen you drinking your water in a while. . Drink your water.

    Deidy De La RosaDeidy De La Rosaпреди месец
  • slaped 15 times hit 9 out of 15

    Aj’s gamesAj’s gamesпреди месец
  • oh my main

    djalil kalfakantidjalil kalfakantiпреди месец
  • I love illaoi thats why iam wacthing , more illaoi plays please , and improve your game with her its will be more fun

    gamer big banggamer big bangпреди месец
  • pls edit sunny

    quang vũquang vũпреди месец
  • Lịch âm tháng 1 năm 2021 24h00 🗓🎉🎆🎇🌸

    Lội NguyềnLội Nguyềnпреди месец
  • ''This one item breaks illaoi'' You cannot something thats already broken

    Mindless UltraMindless Ultraпреди месец
  • Edittttttttt with bunny maaan i'm a huge fan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Ahmed SaeedAhmed Saeedпреди месец
  • To the person who is reading this: You're amazing, stay blessed, stay safe and have a wonderful rest of your day. God bless you all. :)

    Trash XTrash Xпреди месец
  • Ikaw ay nakalabaw, lamaw lamaw lamaw

    Vincent SantosVincent Santosпреди месец
  • Is it me or does BunnyFuFuu sound a lot like Ross off the TV show Friends?

    HankScorpioblazeHankScorpioblazeпреди месец
  • Nice choice btw bunny.. Ull never regret watching aot i promise you.. And only 7 days left for s4💖

    Verbux VerVerbux Verпреди месец
  • any one can tell me the song background at 3:06 or this isn't in yt

    Aesthetic vibe 遺ミぷAesthetic vibe 遺ミぷпреди месец
    • @Vanitas Morio THANKS MAN :>

      Aesthetic vibe 遺ミぷAesthetic vibe 遺ミぷпреди месец
    • Unknown Brain - Hollywood Perfect (ft. NotEvenTanner) [NCS Release]

      Vanitas MorioVanitas Morioпреди месец
  • trash loud music over the voice is just so annoying

    ftsforeverftsforeverпреди месец
  • 48 ms.... man i want that connection

    Christos TrikollosChristos Trikollosпреди месец
  • Title of the song from 3:00 to 4:45 ? Pls

    Mr KeoMr Keoпреди месец
    • Unknown Brain - Hollywood Perfect (ft. NotEvenTanner) [NCS Release]

      JayBeeJayBeeпреди месец
  • little tips from an illaoi main , u can F during R animation

    Noct 79Noct 79преди месец
  • You are using cool لعاليط

    Motaz ahmed ElkadyMotaz ahmed Elkadyпреди месец
  • Lethality build n try to include a spirit visage xd

    iryiryпреди месец
  • Hey Bunny, i was main Illaoi, but actually a main skarner, and i really was expecting for u video in urf with him, but doesn't happened, if u can made some, like skarner ap i really apprecciate that... sry for bad grammar i'm brazilian haha

    00w0000w00преди месец
  • illaoi is already broken

    josejoseпреди месец
  • Regiice? You played pokemon in the past?

    Terry OdiaTerry Odiaпреди месец
  • 8:53 Bunny: *Flash + Ult without E* Illaoi Mains: "Wtf did I just see"

    ShinigamiShinigamiпреди месец
    • @Grzegorz Kozioł I play illaoi a lot and I max q first though-

      avenatoravenatorпреди месец
    • you dont have to be an illaoi main to say that you only have to go against a good illaoi once and you already know her kit for the rest of your life

      DAn00bDAn00bпреди месец
    • What did I watch I’m also an illaoi main

      Francisco RiveraFrancisco Riveraпреди месец
    • @Grzegorz Kozioł TRUE AF XDD

      ShinigamiShinigamiпреди месец
    • Watching Bunny play any other champion - "he's good" Watching Bunny play Ilaoi as main - "what are you doing?", "max E first", "why would you do that", "omg, that W have 3s cd, why you wait 10s" etc

      Grzegorz KoziołGrzegorz Koziołпреди месец
  • Great vid like always 👊

    Dimitri FievetDimitri Fievetпреди месец
  • can someone list his builds and ruins ?

    mostafa mohammedmostafa mohammedпреди месец
  • Thats a gooood intro

    Boss DiacostaBoss Diacostaпреди месец
  • Hey Bunny you should try buying the collector on every champ (TF, singed ,... I reccommend)

    Totti DươngTotti Dươngпреди месец

    Lady jocelyn GinoLady jocelyn Ginoпреди месец
  • how bout using some rapid fire. jst sying

    JayJay RodaJayJay Rodaпреди месец
  • 5k $ would help me buy a flat :D

    Filip Whitie OndrekFilip Whitie Ondrekпреди месец
  • What i did 9 days ago is now on youtube wtf

    Y U A NY U A Nпреди месец
  • slap them all

    Jaehyun EuehyunJaehyun Euehyunпреди месец
  • Tips as as an illaoi main : -Always fight near your tentical -Try backing off if you miss your e -You always need to try to land your e before r'ing right away -your max skills order should be e-q-w dont max q first

    HotaruHotaruпреди месец
    • Whatever but illaoi suck asf because u can dodge her tentical now

      left rightleft rightпреди месец
  • Correct me if im wrong, but isnt he playing with a smurf account. Just look at those enemies handing out free kills like iron.

    Rando KaratajevRando Karatajevпреди месец
  • Btw, I didn't know that league and yugioh are collabing, why illaoi's new skin has pot of greed or whatever

    D3D3преди месец
  • I used to build lethality illaoi in urf, people hated me

    D3D3преди месец
  • cool. This channel is very inspiring, bro, maybe there is free time to stop by my channel too, bro hehe🙏🏻🔥🔥

    Fatur MobaFatur Mobaпреди месец
  • I'm a simple man. I see an Illaoi build that bonks, I click and like. xD

    Jarence YozamaJarence Yozamaпреди месец
  • bunnzzzz play NEXUS BLITS IN PBE and try rell

    Ad MelioraAd Melioraпреди месец
  • If you want an interesting AP Illaoi concept, try Imperial Mandate + Serylda's Grudge as the core items. Then go into whatever AP items you want; the tankier ones are probably best. I do expect Imperial Mandate to get nerfed in the next patch, at which point I'm not sure how AP Illaoi could work. But until then... why not?

    ADC YuumiADC Yuumiпреди месец
  • 0:00 He used flash.

    高橋慧高橋慧преди месец
  • "When did I have a tentacle there?" Nagakeboros grasps at those who fails the Test of Spirit~ (They walked out of range of E, got cursed, and started spawning tentacles.)

    Steven CurrySteven Curryпреди месец
  • forgot the skin like in kartus vid?

    Kritup TvKritup Tvпреди месец
  • No one commented „Tentacle Hentai“ yet?😂

    Sandro CutriSandro Cutriпреди месец
    • Had to up quality to read enemy chat HAHAHHAHAH

      Zetsubō no ShinigamiZetsubō no Shinigamiпреди месец
  • Hi

    Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknownпреди месец
  • Банни плиз быстрей Илалой ар

    просто фактпросто фактпреди месец
  • Ждем ап илалой

    просто фактпросто фактпреди месец
  • ive been watching ur videos for months now and ur videos inspire me to play LoL, I hope my parents dont find it in my hidden files in da pc.

    Random_ dudeRandom_ dudeпреди месец
    • wtf

      poki456poki456преди месец
  • I hate it so much can bunz play anything beside lethilty or full ap he literally have two options only never crit never tank never bruiser xDD

    Mohab FataMohab Fataпреди месец
  • Có ai thấy mấy video của VN ở phần app Bunny giới thiệu không =)))

    tuilasonneetuilasonneeпреди месец
  • Its funny when bunny skillshots doesnt reach lmao 😂😂

    kennethkennethпреди месец
  • Early?

    Tony MITony MIпреди месец
  • Stop the annoying background music pls

    XxXzymilXxXXxXzymilXxXпреди месец
  • You know,... Asians that doing this bigo live stuff, they could get about $3000 above a month

    MHazimHMHazimHпреди месец
  • How ya doin bunzzzz

  • i like how you play all champs in bot lane which motivates me to play my champions in bot lane

    Moja HjomaMoja Hjomaпреди месец
  • dat freeze frame tho pause this part XD 0:00

    Geek PhysiqueGeek Physiqueпреди месец
  • Illaoi is now Marksman :)

    BaconGod PlaysBaconGod Playsпреди месец
  • Ap illaoi plocams of death

    Tzelepp BTzelepp Bпреди месец

    David HeydariDavid Heydariпреди месец
  • The editing is fun

    Xavier Christian TorresXavier Christian Torresпреди месец
  • bunnz sellout 👀👀😳😳😳 ???

    im trashim trashпреди месец
  • this grages is a funny guy

    Kamal yousryKamal yousryпреди месец
  • If he went prowlers the lethality would be even higher

    Christian AndersonChristian Andersonпреди месец
  • nice

    Angelo Gabriel JuralbalAngelo Gabriel Juralbalпреди месец
  • hate Illaoi ... but you have my like as always

    Night KnightNight Knightпреди месец
  • Her W being a slight dash on an auto attack is why I enjoyed Sudden Impact and Hydra on her before season 11.

    Jaunus EnderJaunus Enderпреди месец
    • Yeah... Except Hydra (both of them actually) was awful on her so that's just dumb.

      dzellodzelloпреди месец
  • One thing bunz, u had to max first E then Q and only then W

    Daniil KodyrevDaniil Kodyrevпреди месец

  • What if... Pleb is secretly My Dad...(the alistar)

    Red’s PetRed’s Petпреди месец
  • Modules:nah Bunnyfufuu vids: HECK YEAH!

    BruhChannelXDBruhChannelXDпреди месец
  • May u try brand with the collector

    popsnak309popsnak309преди месец
  • One of the most oppressive champions in the game. Nothing worse than playing melee into her.

    Kaveh MaguireKaveh Maguireпреди месец
    • Unknown Brain - Hollywood Perfect (ft. NotEvenTanner) [NCS Release]

      Vanitas MorioVanitas Morioпреди месец
  • play with the skin ap Illaoi

    Kamal yousryKamal yousryпреди месец
  • Did you just forget that you did an AP Illaoi vid before just because of that passive update? 😂😂

    Jeremy Daniel PetillaJeremy Daniel Petillaпреди месец
  • What were the song names?

    Chandler RamirezChandler Ramirezпреди месец
  • prowler's claw ult for lots of tentacles

    Eric WengEric Wengпреди месец
  • I miss the way the videos were edited full time.

    Santiago Montoya KarakaySantiago Montoya Karakayпреди месец
  • Bunnyfufu would you give me 200$ ?

    شادو ميكس Shadow Mixشادو ميكس Shadow Mixпреди месец
  • 2:05 that hurt my brain to see that

    Ethan YangEthan Yangпреди месец