1.12.2020 г.
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I get the easiest penta of my life
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  • Why you dont use this Item (4)

    PerkinS 420PerkinS 420преди 7 дни
  • Could've went blue as well because of Taliyah, Pantheon and Akali.

    AlekuuuAlekuuuпреди 16 дни
  • Xs

    Fighter LmFighter Lmпреди 26 дни
  • The fact that he had goredrinker yet didn’t use it....

    HaroHaroпреди месец
  • Didn't even use goredrinker Our epic player who doesn't need that peasent item

    Sandro PhilauriSandro Philauriпреди месец
  • hey why you don't use 4 ?

    Thành ĐàmThành Đàmпреди месец

    pedro adalbertopedro adalbertoпреди месец
  • U know what coredriker active heals you for 12% of missing hp ber champion hit right?

    Ραφαήλ ΣαλιάρηςΡαφαήλ Σαλιάρηςпреди месец
  • I haven't seen you using goredrinker while you were low to heal up? You dont know what it does ?

    Catalin RusuCatalin Rusuпреди месец
  • Bunzzz you are stupid I'm a kayn main I'm so tilted rn

    Abdallah SaidAbdallah Saidпреди месец
  • As a kayn main bruuhhhh you pissed me off😡😡 didnt use the mythic passive once

    Παντόφλα GucciΠαντόφλα Gucciпреди месец
  • Goredrinker is an active item, isn’t it?

    Hào NguyễnHào Nguyễnпреди месец
  • What the point when u buy Goredrinker and dont even know when to use it?. Bunz u suck.

    Tuyết NhiTuyết Nhiпреди месец
  • Bunz: *buys goredrinker* Bunz: *used it as a decoration*

    Gummy WardGummy Wardпреди месец
  • if only goredrinker had an active skill

    Caleb CarsonCaleb Carsonпреди месец
  • Bunzzz you're idiot! You could've lived everytime if you know how to use your goredrinker.. You suckkkkkkkk!!!!! Jk..love you, but u need to use your active items..

    Souji OkitaSouji Okitaпреди месец
  • you never used you mythic active in any fight

    edward nicholsedward nicholsпреди месец
  • Bunnyfufuu: Goredrinker is awesome Also Bunnyfufuu: Doesn't use it once.....🤔🤔

    Zed MainAccountZed MainAccountпреди месец
  • I was about to ask if I was the only one triggered by him not using gore a single time, but after I see comments I don't need to 😂

    Xisaki BrunoXisaki Brunoпреди месец
  • i want to report u for not using the goredrinker item

    hichem sghaierhichem sghaierпреди месец
  • It's Not URF anymore? But the episode still continues. Am I the only one who saw bunzz is not using his Goredrinker???

    Dahyun.Dahyun.преди месец

    Brennan WoodallBrennan Woodallпреди месец
  • Use your mythic item dude

    Gene lorenz GervacioGene lorenz Gervacioпреди месец
  • Why does bunz keeps on forgetting to use goredrinker to stay alive?

    Ren HipolitoRen Hipolitoпреди месец
    • And as a kayn main this is the most painful vid i could watch no hate though bunz I love you

      Ren HipolitoRen Hipolitoпреди месец
  • I think bunzz you couldnt press your item🤣🤣

    Jcarl GamingJcarl Gamingпреди месец
  • Does Death's Dance even heal in S11??

    John Hardie LazaroJohn Hardie Lazaroпреди месец
  • shouldnt A-Z mean urf A-Z?? lol

    Abdel_Rahman ThaherAbdel_Rahman Thaherпреди месец
  • Use the item you buy stupid

    mehdi Enayatimehdi Enayatiпреди месец
  • Bunny you should try wild rift

    Anthony AlvarezAnthony Alvarezпреди месец
  • I'm pretty sure for more than half the stream, bunny didn't understand how his Goredrinker active works..... X)

    Sarah ErnstSarah Ernstпреди месец
  • bunzzz: *unkillable champion!* still bunzzz: die 1v2 lol

    sajmonek 6sajmonek 6преди месец
  • BunZzz your kayn is literally like a silver kayn my eyes hurt

    parsa akramiparsa akramiпреди месец
  • And you just dont know that you have to go ravenous first item :) perfect

    parsa akramiparsa akramiпреди месец
  • Use your active on gore dumb dumb

    parsa akramiparsa akramiпреди месец
  • Pls use those item ;-;

    Duardin HueDuardin Hueпреди месец
  • I like how somehow whenever bunny talks about his other channels he misses the cannon

    TheLesser1TheLesser1преди месец
  • BUNZ YOU KNOW YOU CAN PRESS GOREDRINKER ?? For extra health region lmao thats why its broken why didnt he use it lolz

    Zeid HaddadinZeid Haddadinпреди месец
  • Bunz forgot this season 11 item active is a thing

    Bao NguyenBao Nguyenпреди месец
  • i guess he doesnt know goredrinker has an active

    Chad MendozaChad Mendozaпреди месец
  • I spent the whole game checking if he used Goredrinker... He didn't...Imagine if he did though 0-0

    Samoroki KirigayaSamoroki Kirigayaпреди месец
  • Why arent you using the goredrinker in teamfights?

    Cosmic GusionCosmic Gusionпреди месец
  • 8:24 red buff just chillin there ;p

    Mr RabanMr Rabanпреди месец
  • Hello Bunzz YOU TILTED ME MATE !!! You literally used ZERO time your goredrinker ;(( Goredrinker is like a second ult on Kayn and you just have to press it at the same time as the Q... Love your vids but pleaaaaase respect THE KAYN

    Cédric FilaudeauCédric Filaudeauпреди месец
  • in previous video when you said that you need new eyeball cause your eye hurt so bad and in this video you said you you're blind and i think you need a new eyeballs XD ^_^

    Klyph RIKlyph RIпреди месец
  • Can you please use the goredrinker jesus christ

    Pedro Daniel Escamilla EspejelPedro Daniel Escamilla Espejelпреди месец
  • Lol 2 pentakill with Red Kayn

    Ragen rizRagen rizпреди месец
  • Bunz here's an idea... Make a video showing us the inside of your house

    Παναγιωτης ΚυριακοπουλοςΠαναγιωτης Κυριακοπουλοςпреди месец
  • It's been a long time when John from PHILIPPINES shout outed by bunzz I wish I could play with bunzz someday Edit: I'm from Philippines 😊

    Maurwin Roi GuevarraMaurwin Roi Guevarraпреди месец
  • Why doesn't anyone buy morello or smthn. I'd love to watch real enemies bunz :

    Anıl TatlıAnıl Tatlıпреди месец
  • 16:28 lol the Zac's name! SwiperNoTinder

    Nathan SizemoreNathan Sizemoreпреди месец
  • goredrinker???????????

    Matthew LiuMatthew Liuпреди месец
  • Bunz ubso much tikes forgot use gore

    Андрей ИльченкоАндрей Ильченкопреди месец
  • for all those blind morons who say he didnt use goredrinker once he did, just once tho... 7:59

    TheLordTheLordпреди месец
  • me a kayn main yelling at my screen because the goredrinker was sitting their as a decoration...but in urf he never forgets hextaco bunglade

    Suhaan ShettigarSuhaan Shettigarпреди месец
  • I littarly just didn’t care about using the gore drinker???

    jonnyhilsjonnyhilsпреди месец
  • A-Z without urf is sad

    Pedro RodriguesPedro Rodriguesпреди месец
  • I had my eyes in the goredrinker all the time, I just wanted to active it with my mind. OMG I love the A-Z series I want to see you playing Yuumy haha

    Cristian André Arellano SoriaCristian André Arellano Soriaпреди месец
  • Wait isn this an urf A-Z video?

    Minotech ZMinotech Zпреди месец
  • 4:04 that was satisfying AF

    Luis RodriguezLuis Rodriguezпреди месец
  • dude u said that item is op u havent used it once

    Nenad jovanovicNenad jovanovicпреди месец
  • Bunny I love you....but watching you never use your mythic item hurts me

    Finn LambertFinn Lambertпреди месец
  • though this was urf

    Alex ReynaAlex Reynaпреди месец
  • Finally!

    Kubau 420Kubau 420преди месец
  • I think if you would use Gore drinker you would do 7 pentas

    Bartosz SitkoBartosz Sitkoпреди месец
  • i like ur videos and all, but im question a lot of times what ranks are his opponents, looks like a bunch of low gold-silver or even worst a lot of times

    Marian DanieleMarian Danieleпреди месец
  • I almost want to dislike for not using goredrinker, could have done so much better.

    Andrew HodsonAndrew Hodsonпреди месец
  • *gragas dies* bunnyfufuu: rest in peperoni HAHAHAHAHA

    Jam Ishmael DatuJam Ishmael Datuпреди месец
  • Goredrinker uses in all the match: 1

    Jeremias MancillaJeremias Mancillaпреди месец
  • He didnt use the mythic item till half of the video reamining almost

    Chubi014Chubi014преди месец
  • Dude, u almost never used goredrinker SMH

    Chrome DynamoChrome Dynamoпреди месец
  • U have done wide ult MF right how bout u do wide ult xayah if possible

    MS SenpaiMS Senpaiпреди месец
  • Bunny: "Im excited to test it out" Me who knows this man on his 5th try

    Lleyton KimLleyton Kimпреди месец
  • Bunz you never used goredrinker once XD. Just letting you know that could have saved your life so many times. I STILL LOVE U BUNZZZ!!!!!

    Ethan SaundersEthan Saundersпреди месец
  • hello, i am a brazilian fan, a would say "why did you don't use the item" but now i know what did happens. LoL

    Higor SoaresHigor Soaresпреди месец
  • In a lot of moments and deaths you could heal yourself using the goredrinker, you only used it once in the entire game

    Link HylletidLink Hylletidпреди месец
  • you could use goredrinker and you just didnt

    Real_DefaultReal_Defaultпреди месец
  • One of your worst vids 😅

    James KJames Kпреди месец
  • You didnt press the goredrinker the hall game

    Mid Lane PantherMid Lane Pantherпреди месец
  • Um from the start till 7.31 u never used the item Why?

    G PanagoulopoulosG Panagoulopoulosпреди месец
  • oh btw u forgot irelia on a-z bvunny pls do her

    katie dielemankatie dielemanпреди месец
  • Kayn mayns close your eyes!! :P

    Young Chae SoonYoung Chae Soonпреди месец
  • okay so you go like 40-0 on katarina, but kayn's the one who needs nerfs.

    EriandelEriandelпреди месец
  • If you didn't notice you haven't used goredrinker at least once and that would have given you much more lifesteal😄

    Serkan KourouSerkan Kourouпреди месец
  • im so mad he didnt use goredrinker at all F

    Audiowave SongsAudiowave Songsпреди месец
  • Bruh please use the item active

    Kellen KearnanKellen Kearnanпреди месец

    Hüseyin DAŞKIRANHüseyin DAŞKIRANпреди месец
  • Don't recycle the same content on multiple channels

    Fothewin GamingFothewin Gamingпреди месец
  • Press the damn Goredrinker man :/

    Damian DrabinskiDamian Drabinskiпреди месец
  • Kennen Kha'Zix Kindred Kled Kog'Maw LeBlanc Lee Sin Leona Lillia Lissandra Lucian Lulu Lux Malphite Malzahar Maokai Master Yi Miss Fortune Mordekaiser Morgana Nami Nasus Nautilus Neeko Nidalee Nocturne Nunu & Willump Olaf Orianna Ornn Pantheon Poppy Pyke Qiyana Quinn Rakan Rammus Rek'Sai Renekton Rengar Riven Rumble Ryze Samira Sejuani Senna Seraphine Sett Shaco Shen Shyvana Singed Sion Sivir Skarner Sona Soraka Swain Sylas Syndra Tahm Kench Taliyah Talon Taric Teemo Thresh Tristana Trundle Tryndamere Twisted Fate Twitch Udyr Urgot Varus Vayne Veigar Vel'Koz Vi Viktor Vladimir Volibear Warwick Wukong Xayah Xerath Xin Zhao Yasuo Yone Yorick Yuumi Zac Zed Ziggs Zilean Zoe Zyra Keep it up Bunz. 👍 Still a long way to go. 😁 can't relate with the comments saying "goredrinker" since I've stopped playing 2 years ago. 😂 but still watches bunz's videos because it's fun and entertaining.

    nicknickпреди месец
  • 8:56 Lmao Cassiopeia.

    Nightcore GamerNightcore Gamerпреди месец
  • Why Bunz never used the active of the GoreDrinker?

    Edwin F·S TMEdwin F·S TMпреди месец
  • coulda used active whip to get the form faster

    Niles LiuNiles Liuпреди месец
  • I hope karasmai is seeing this right now

    capistrano Giancapistrano Gianпреди месец
  • Do u have discord server bunny??

    DeadAceHunterDeadAceHunterпреди месец
  • When bunny play 1 video for 12 hours a day Me 1 time: Stream of 24h!!! Does he stream/play 24h all the days??

    DeadAceHunterDeadAceHunterпреди месец
  • So, is everyone else triggered about how Bunz is in the middle of 4 people and is still not using goredrinker?

    Ren LieRen Lieпреди месец
  • Me when bunny ignores the goredrinker active for the 600th time: 👁💧👄💧👁

    BIG YEETBIG YEETпреди месец
  • I thought a-z was urf

    Cornelius ShalmiCornelius Shalmiпреди месец
  • Hola fufuu soy de chile :D me encantan tus videos

    ArroxConSopaipaArroxConSopaipaпреди месец
  • Why does he always play adc even Kayn adc?

    Jakob Paul HarrisJakob Paul Harrisпреди месец
    • he's an adc main so switching lanes can sometimes be more difficult when you arent used to them ntm bot feeds two kills instead of one most of the times

      Landon brazieLandon brazieпреди месец